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Unite students in London told to vacate rooms three months before end of contract


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Here at TNS we recently wrote an article providing you with tips on house hunting, yet sometimes no matter how many tips you receive it will not prepare you for everything.

This was the case for residents at Unite's Woodland Court accommodation, North London, after they received a letter informing that they must vacate their rooms and find somewhere else to live as Unite has become the sole provider for an International Language School. 

This means the current residents, who have signed contracts until September, will have to move out in June.

Described by many as an unethical move the timing of these letters could not have come at a worse time.  With the pressure to study for exams and finish remaining assignments extra stress has been put on students from Birkbeck, University of London, University College London, and London Met among others. As a result it has now become a issue regarding student welfare.

The company has provided students with the option to move into other Unite accommodation.

When questioned on the matter Unite flagged a clause in their contract that said they have the right to remove students for purposes of “better management.”   

Birkbeck’s student union have asked the accommodation provider to rethink this move, in hope that they will change their decision. If all else fails they are calling for some compensation for unnecessary stress caused to students.

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