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Cambridge lecturer seen comparing homosexuals to arsonists in YouTube clip


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A leading Cambridge University lecturer, who has been described as "a role model for British and European Muslims", has made the news after the reappearance of a clip showing him expressing unfavourable views on homosexuality.

Tim Winter, director of studies in theology at Wolfson College, Cambridge, said homosexuality is the "ultimate inversion."  Speaking at a Q&A session in America during the mid-90s Winter went on to tell the audience he feels homosexuals are “ignorant people.”  

Not happy at leaving his feelings on the matter at that Winter continued his attack on the homosexual community saying "you don't even understand what your bodies are for... how ignorant can you get? Even the animals know. It's the ultimate inversion, an abuse of the body.”

The professor, who is ranked the 50th most influential Muslim in the world, compared someone who is gay to being an arsonist:  "Arson, for instance... is attributed by many modern scientists to a certain genetic configuration... that's no argument for legalising what they do. So the claim that a human being is born with this particular tendency [homosexuality] and so should be legalised is neither here nor there... It is no argument."

Since the video surfaced Mr Winter has said his view on the matter has since changed and he no longer feels that way on the issue.  He has requested, and been granted, that the video be removed from YouTube, but is still available on iTunes.

President of Cambridge’s LGBT society has commented on the issues saying: "[Winter] is an academic and the university has a duty to allow freedom of speech in its academical disciplines.

“We know that Mr Winter has asked for the video to be taken down; it remains for his college to decide whether these past remarks are incompatible with his current role in the college, especially if it has a pastoral nature, and we are currently in communication with them over this.

“It is our role to be a campaign open to student views and opinions, and to remind the university that whatever academical views might be expressed, LGBT students and staff have the same rights as any others, and should be treated with the same respect and decency as any other member of this university, by every member of this university.

“We encourage any students who do not receive this respect or who otherwise need our support to contact us.”

Professor Winter has yet to issue a public apology, but a spokemans from the university released a statement saying: "Mr Winter has apologised for these remarks, recorded nearly 20 years ago, and has emphasised that he no longer holds these views."

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