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Cambridge bikini jelly wrestling match cancelled


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A female-only bikini jelly wrestling match at Cambridge University has been cancelled after a student petition deemed it sexist. 

Nina de Paula Hanika, current student at Magdalene College, started a petition online to have the Wyverns drinking society event cancelled and was met with overwhelming response, gaining over 1,000 signatures since Monday night.

Speaking to The Cambridge Tab, Nina said: “This particular event is not ‘just a bit of fun.’ To use the tired excuse is to ignore the huge number of woman who have contacted me to tell me how personally degraded, devalued and marginalised even the idea has made them feel. 

"It also patronises the sheer number of men who have commented to say they feel embarrassed to be associated with an activity that represents them in the most negative light simply on account of their gender."  

Coming under fire for being “sexist, misogynistic and completely inappropriate” is no surprise that petition picked up steam as it was revealed that it is a girl’s-only event, with no male participation allowed. This factor also supports the claim that the jelly fight portrays woman as “only good for their bodies, and that in order to contribute socially they must be sexualised objects.”

Hannah Haverkamp, one of the signees, believed this is a great chance for the Wyverns. “The Wyverns have a perfect opportunity to break the trend and show that drinking societies do not have to represent the worst qualities in our life at Cambridge. I’m looking forward to hearing their comments and hope they choose to do the right thing."

The Wyverns Society responded to the petition by cancelling the event and releasing on statement on the matter. 

"In the light of the recent petition The Wyverns have decided to cancel the ‘jelly wrestling’ at this year’s garden party.

"We, as a society, are committed to ensuring all party-goers have the best time possible and understand the concerns of some of them.

"But more than that we are committed to having the biggest and booziest party so far and will be looking for other ways to make sure this is the best one yet."

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