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Study here, get rich: list shows which universities have most millionaire alumni


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A Graduate Rich List has found which universities have the most super-rich graduates.

The list, which counted how many graduates have an amassed fortune of over £20m, had Oxford at its top, with 401 graduates surpassing the marker. Cambridge came second, with 361.

However, the list also measured the average wealth of these millionaires, and Cambridge trounced their rivals, with an average of £169m – over twice the average wealth of rich Oxford graduates, on £83m. Cambridge also had more billionaires.

The top five is completed by three London-based universities, with LSE in third, Imperial in fourth and London Business School in fifth.

The other most notable university on the list is Birmingham, as it has the highest rate of self-made millionaires – 84% of their millionaires have built their fortunes by themselves. Oxford, despite its reputation as a haven for the nation’s elite, still has over two thirds of its graduates being self-made. Edinburgh has the lowest rate, with over half of them using inheritance and family wealth to make their fortunes.

Perhaps the most worrying statistic to come from the list, compiled by Wealth-X, is that only one in 11 of the UK’s richest graduates are women.

The Graduate Rich List: Top 10 (by amount of rich graduates, with average wealth)

  1. Oxford – 401 graduates, worth an average of £83m
  2. Cambridge – 361, £169m
  3. LSE – 273, £84m
  4. Imperial – 127, £67m
  5. London Business School – 106, £99m
  6. Manchester – 102, £22m
  7. UCL – 99, £29m
  8. Nottingham – 92, £22m
  9. Edinburgh – 80, £52m
  10. Birmingham  - 68, £69m

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