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Alcohol restriction proposed for under 25s

1st April 2013

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To curb binge drinking in the UK, a Government think-tank has proposed restricting all alcohol consumption by people under 25 to their recommended daily amount of units.

No AlcoholThe Youth Alcohol Abuse Policy Centre proposal suggests that ‘British youth have proven time and time again that they are incapable of sensible alcohol consumption making most of our town centres look like a war zone (if the soldiers were drunk and no longer in control of their bodily functions) each and every night.”

The controversial plans suggest an ‘Alcohol ID card’ which will ‘read how many units have been purchased day by individuals via pre-paid credit and restrict purchases to follow health guidelines.’

NHS guidelines recommend that women should not exceed more than two to three units a day (or one large glass of wine) and men should drink no more than three to four units a day (or one pint of high strength lager, beer or cider).

Speaking to The National Student, Head of Policy for Solving Social Issues, David Mongery at The Youth Alcohol Abuse Policy Centre said, “This is an issue that just won’t go away and it costs so much of tax-payer’s money to sort out each year. We need to take drastic action to prevent the booze-magedon on our streets and the best way is to stop young people from over indulging. It has got to the point where we have to make people behave.”

Petula Pickles from drinker’s right group, Mullered Rights is outraged by the proposals. She said, “This is disgraceful. This is not Stalin’s Russia. This is against the human rights of every sensible drinker in the UK. And for those not so sensible drinkers it is within their rights to drink themselves in to whatever state they wish. We will not allow this proposal to go through.”

The ‘Solving Britain’s Youth Drink Problem’ White Paper will be submitted to the House of Commons on April 2nd 2013 and discussed in an all-party committee.

If successful these measures will come into place in September 2014.

Just to make clear - this is our April Fools article for 2013.

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