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Average British student spends more on alcohol than food


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Slow Food UK, in association with the Consortium for the Protection of Grana Padano cheese, undertook a survey to investigate how well students really eat.

According to the survey, most students can’t cook to save their lives and spend more money on alcohol than food each week.

Some of the worst meals students admitted to cooking up include pasta with vinegar and garlic cloves; cake for supper; baked beans on hula hoops; pasta with a mushy pea ‘jus’, and a supernoodles omelette.

Amongst other things, the survey reveals that the most difficult time for students to eat well is when their money is running low, but students also said that during exams and approaching deadlines, food was seen as fuel rather than something to take time over and enjoy.

The survey shows that the student average weekly expenditure on alcohol is £20 or more, whilst around £10 is spent on food. Also that whilst most of the students surveyed say they eat one portion of fresh fruit or vegetables most days (74%), they are definitely not getting  anywhere near their five a day and eat meat or poultry once a week each.

The amount of take- away food consumed was less than anticipated, with most students (68%) saying they ate take-away just once a week or less.

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