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Strathcylde students create petition to protest exams

1st February 2013

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Students from Strathclyde University are protesting over their packed exam timetable, arguing it causes stress and will lead to them getting poor results.

More than 1,000 students from the university, in Glasgow, are calling for the institution to space exams out rather than having them on the same or consecutive days.

Leading the protest, the University of Strathclyde Students' Association (USSA), will hand over a petition calling for change to the university's vice- principal, Professor Kenneth Miller, later this week.

Rebecca Maxwell Stuart, the Student Union's Vice-President for Education, said: "Not only does exam bunching prevent students from performing at their best, but it can also lead to high stress levels and affects their mental well-being.

“We hope the university will listen to our students' concerns.”

This ‘exam bunching’ is something that has always been the norm especially during GCSE’s and even A Levels, where students often sit two or three exams in one day.

So should we really be shocked that these students are trying to change things?

The majority would agree that exams are stressful.

Students at Strathclyde University say too many exams in a short space of time leads to them getting worse results.

A spokesman for the UCU Scotland union, which represents lecturers, called for Strathclyde to listen to the concerns of its students.

"For educational reasons the university should make every effort to avoid exam bunching especially as this has greater impact on those students who the Government are encouraging universities to recruit to widen access."

However, it may not be as easy as changing a few dates on a timetable.

A spokesperson for Strathclyde University said: "The examination schedule is a complex matter involving hundreds of examinations for thousands of students in a short time frame.

"We look forward to working in partnership with the students' association to optimise the examination timetable."

What do you think? Is it about time we got rid of exam bunching or should students just get on with studying for exams rather than petitions?

The structure of exams has always been under scruitiny but do you think 'exam bunching' will ever be a thing of the past?

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