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Have you been 'Spotted'?

29th January 2013

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Through the power of social networking, there is a new craze sweeping universities across the country - ‘Spotted’ Facebook pages.

University Library Spotted pages involve prying students writing of the bizarre and hilarious goings on in the library.

George Orwell would surely be proud that the world he created in 1984 has been closed fabricated by fellow students documenting our every move. 

There has been an unexpected popularity surrounding the pages, with most institutions having one to their name. Spotted: University of Manchester Library’s page has over 10,000 likes, meaning with 40,000 students enrolled, one in four has jumped on the band wagon, while at Newcastle University, it is one in two.  The phenomenon has also caught on outside of Blighty with, ‘Spotted: Goethe Uni Frankfurt,’ popping up in Germany.             

What does this say about us as students however? Are we that simple minded that we can be entertained for hours upon hours by superficial observations? Or are we just bored and unfulfilled by our degrees? With Spotted statuses appearing everywhere, with pages dedicated to streets, bars and nightclubs, as well as gyms and shops, will we soon have to watch where we step and what we wear, just in case we are considered 'Spotted' worthy?

The pages have not all been welcomed positively. Exeter University has demanded the creator of the ‘Spotted: Exeter Uni Library’ page take it down, and for now it does seem to have been disabled. There have been concerns about making conscientious library goers feel uneasy out of fear of being ‘Spotted.’ Aberdeen and York have faced similar accusations.

Like past internet crazes, such as milking and planking, will 'Spotted' be the newest one to die out in a blaze of glory? Or will we forever be amused by our mishaps? Only time will tell… 

In the meantime, here are some of the most 'liked' 'Spotted' moments. Three of the top universities in the UK, folks.  

Spotted: University of Manchester Library

- “YEAH I WORK OUT: There is a guy in hummanities (sic) building. Stalking himself on facebook whilst drinking a protein shake. His profile picture is a selfy.With his top off. Shameful. He's also wearing shorts. Do some work you greasy pagan.”

- "Girl in Blue 2 in the Led Zeppelin t-shirt. I hope you actually know/ like the band and it is not just 'a cool tee I got from COW'. If you are a fan I would very much like to ramble on up your stairway to heaven with my moby dick, leaving you dazed and confused... consensually."

"AWH HELL NO: will the girl on B4 stop talking about your sexual experiences with a "civil servant"...your friend has a quality afro though, can I stroke it?"

Spotted: Newcastle Robinson Library

- "To the goth bloke wearing eye shadow and a pony tail, talking about starting up a "Newcastle University Satanic Society" I'm not entirely sure if it will catch on...but good luck!"

- "To the absolute numpty who just spent the past half hour filling out forms and on the verge calling the police, claiming that their laptop, notes and books had been stolen from his desk on 4th didn't check the 3rd floor where you were actually sitting.

Really..could you be that stupid?


- "To the bloke eating the travel pack of shreddies on the 3rd floor...

Brief moment of panic when your difficulty in opening the nosiy packet sounded like two geese cavorting on a bed of rice krispies, but I am grateful to you for the initiative to then eat them off a piece of lined paper. Good last minute save."

Spotted: Edinburgh Uni Library

- "to the girl sitting by the window with a smile so radiant i thought it were the sun. Forget all these sexual puns and innuendos, how about Love Actually and a cuddle?"

- "To the girl with the unmistakeable laugh and smile in the pods on the first floor - Shut the fuck up I'm trying to work here."

- "to the hottie on fourth:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I can't rhyme well
have sex with me"

- "To the Asian bombshell studying evolutionary biology on the 4th: You're my natural selection"

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