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35% of UEA students admit to cheating on partners


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Many us who are in relationships consider ourselves lucky to have found a person we can rely on and trust. Not so, 35% of UEA students admitted being faithful in a recent Tab survey. 

Over the Christmas break Norwich-based Tab conducted a survey to find out who at UEA had been unfaithful, and the results were shocking. 

200 students took the time to come clean about their behind-the-back sexual escapades - and 35% revealed they had done the dirty deed behind their other half's back. 

If you’re reading this and wondering if it has happened to you, or indeed if you are the secret cheater, the survey's revelations may give you some food for thought.

Here are the full results:

  • 21% of those questioned have been cheated on
  • 39% have stayed with their partner after finding out
  • 8% witnessed cheating happen
  • 35% have been unfaithful
  • 73% did it because they were drunk
  • 9% did it for revenge
  • 13% would be more likely to forgive a cheat if they were unfaithful during freshers' week
  • 15% count flirting as cheating
  • 23% don’t think sexting is cheating
  • 2% of you don’t think having full sex with someone else is being unfaithful 
With regards to the last one... really, UEA?!

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