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Third of grad jobs unfilled because students do not have correct 'workplace skills'


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According to a report from the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) as many as one in three graduate jobs are left vacant - and employers have started to look for school leavers instead. What could have possibly gone wrong?

Despite the recession and tough job market many graduate workplaces are empty as the candidates do not meet the requirements of their potential employers. The survey found that almost a third of 197 employers - 30.7% - reported missing recruitment targets last year.

The main reason for the shortage is the students’ tendency to apply for many jobs and hang on for the best offers, which happens in case of up to a quarter of graduate posts. Employers complain that many picky graduates take up a job while waiting for a better opportunity to come up, then simply go for the best option leaving the others to readvertise the position.

One emplotyer said: "In previous years, they would be open and honest about where they were applying but now they wait for other offers before making a decision."

This situation opens the door for those who do not choose to go to uni at all. Employers are increasingly targeting recruitment at school-leavers instead of graduates, fearing many talented young people will not enter higher education because of high tuition fees.

Many major employers are already also developing their own apprenticeship programmes.

Meanwhile, graduate starting salaries are set to rise to £26,500 and it is expected that the number of vacancies, which dropped by 8% last year, will rise up again by 9%. Whether or not it will change the way students go around choosing their graduate jobs is yet to be seen.

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