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Student invents ice cubes that tell you when to stop drinking


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After being hospitalised for drinking too much, an MIT student has invented ice cubes that detect when you've had one too many.

Dhairya Dand remembers having just three drinks at a college party - but when he blacked out ended up in hospital, it became clear he'd drunk more than he thought.

Instead of swearing to never drink again and failing, Dand came up with a more practical solution: LED ice cubes that can detect how much you’ve drunk.

The cubes predict if you’ve had one too many by tracking the number of sips along with the total amount of time spent drinking. They’ll flash green, orange and finally red, signifying whether it’s time to stop drinking or not.

If the drinker continues after the cubes flash red, it’ll send a text to a friend notifying them of the user’s state.

After a positive response to his creation, Dand has set up a kickstarter campaign to market the product.

Would you use ice cubes to monitor your drinking? Tell us your thoughts below... 

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