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Southampton sex survey results revealed


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The Soton Tab has released the results of its 2012 sex survey, giving us the dirty on Southampton students' sexual escapades. 

The survey got 1046 responses from 533 boys and 512 girls, 87% of which identified themselves as straight, 7.6% bisexual and 5% gay or lesbian.

The average number of sexual partners a Southampton student has had since their start of uni is 4.11 - although 12% haven’t done the deed with anyone. Connaught comes on top of the halls with the most sexual partners with an average of 5.72, but in last place is Archer’s Road with 3.19.

Despite the majority thinking that Humanities put out the most, Business and Law came out as the faculty with most sexual partners at an average of 4.9. Physics and Computer science were thought to get the least action - but came sixth out eight with 4.02 partners. Health Sciences students came last with 3.46.

At 59% most of Southampton's students lost their virginities between the ages of 16 and 18, with only 9% still being virgins.

93% used contraception with condoms being the most popular choice and 40% of girls used both condoms and the pill.

Whilst most Southampton students have never had an STI, 6.7% have and a further 10% think that they should get tested. Chlamydia was the most common STI followed by genital warts and then herpes.

Over a third of students felt that watching porn affected their sex life, but 20% said they didn’t know.

Excluding halls only 12% were brave enough to have had sex on campus, with the most popular location being Southampton’s Student Union building, followed by the library.

The biggest surprise came when students were asked where they would most like to get it on. The answer? The library... followed by the Vice Chancellor’s desk.

Read the full survey here

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