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Would a European Super League Destory Football?


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Leaked documents from German news magazine Der Spiegel on Friday show that several big name European Clubs have been working on plans that could change the face of football for good - A new European Super League.

The idea would entail the 11 named clubs, such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG and two Manchester Clubs breaking away from there domestic divisions and forming there own league. The plans suggest the league could have 16 teams, with the 11 founding members and then five guests. 

Would it actually happen, it would have a damaging effect across all the major European Leagues. The idea wold mean clubs would have to breakaway from current domestic leagues and FA's. The Premier League would lose five of the current top six, with Spurs not a named club whilst La Liga would be facing life without Barcelona and both Madrid clubs.

Furthermore, the Bundesliga would have to get used to life without both Bayern and Dortmund whilst in France powerhouses PSG and Marseille would be the clubs missing. Italy would also be heavily hit, with Juventus, Roma and both Milan clubs on the list of the integural league. 

There is no doubt, that if this was to happen, however long off, it could completley ruin football for what we know it as today. For whilst this isn't exaclty a new idea, it does seem this time the story does have some legs and due to the vast amount of money that now exists in football, for clubs certaintly, there has never been a better time to do it. 

This can hardly be a popular decision amongst fans however as we have seen for so long now, do fans opinions matter in football anymore? Has the sheer greed just taken over? 

The fans of clubs not included would have the right to be extremley angry about the situation as they essiently have been deemed not good enough. Spurs would be the highest ranked Premier League team left but never face a North London Derby again or a trip to rivals Chelsea. Would a title win really feel the same?

Should the Premier League be left, Everton would also become one of the better sides but they'd never face local neighbours in Liverpool, does the idea of greed overweigh such long tradition of such fixtures that would no longer exist?

And let's not forget about the fans of clubs who are included. Would the Man United fan who follows them everywhere really fancy weekly away trips to Paris, Milan and Madrid? Whilst they may be fantastic destinations, once you factor in flights, tickets and accomodation it becomes very hard for many fans to reguarly attend games. The inital plans show weekday and weekend fixture plans, it'll force many to stay away, even if they don't want to. 

And would a fixture of such tradition, rivarly and history such as Manchester United Vs Liverpool have the same meaning and sigficance if it is not a Premier League fixture anymore? I think not.

A point not explored is what do the players and managers think? Would they be happy to forsake there domestic competitons and rivalries to do battle with elite European clubs every weekend? They may thrive off the thought but at the same time it almost devalues the game and it's values.

Whilst for managers and players things will go on, it is no doubt the real losers in this are the fans. It's a betrayal of loyalty shown by many who have spent many years and many pounds following clubs across there countries, watching there side score that last minute winner in the derby or lifting the FA Cup. All of that gone, for what? Money?

This league represents no interest of the fans but all for money financial gain. This league devalues any context football would ever have and ruin the domestic outlook too. Surely these clubs will see the light eventually and come to terms with the fact that such thing could ruin football for good. 

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