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How to still watch Premier League football and sports while away at university

12th September 2018

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Worried about how to catch those all important matches while at University? This is your guide to all the best live streams available to never miss a minute. 

Although first, let me tell you a story. This is a tale of trials and tribulations, which resulted in great triumphs and terrible losses. 

It was New Year's Day, 2014. Tim Sherwood took his travelling Tottenham Hotspur side up the M6 to play Manchester United at Old Trafford. 

This game was to be broadcast on the then-new channel BT Sport. Sadly, to my dismay, my parents did not currently subscribe to the channel (however, with my loud input, that swiftly changed!).

In an act of desperation, I frantically googled for anything I could find to watch the game, with limited prevail. 

The day was spoiled just 90 minutes later as United eventually lost 2-1 at home to the Spurs, but the day's events inspired me to ensure all of my options for streaming football were open.

In saying all of this, I am here to guide you in the various ways of watching the football season whilst studying at university. 

To introduce, one of the main things which helped me out massively during my time studying in London is the fact that my parents are already subscribed to both Sky Sports and BT Sport. 

The number one choice in the country's sports broadcasting has got to be Sky Sports. If you are lucky enough to hold an active Sky subscription within your family household, then just log in to your Sky Go account, but beware! Only two active devices can be used per one account, and you can only change one of these devices per month, so make sure you are prepared for the month of footballing action ahead!

The restrictions on BT Sport is definitely looser to say the least. With virtually unlimited devices to choose from, just log in to your BT Broadband account (again, if it is all possible) and just pick what channel you want to stream. 

Although, this is not an option for many students around the country, and the fact that both packages are at a very high cost means that most students would be priced out of these packages.

Although, for those not having an active subscription to either service, there are options available. Sky Sports Mobile TV allows phone streaming service for a small fee and offers those a chance to catch the action on a budget. 

For those who want the action on a big screen, Now TV offers Sky Sports day, week and month passes which can be streamed through one of their Now TV set-top boxes, through a games console or through a mobile phone or tablet. 

If you are more of a cultured fan and love to experience football from across the continent, then subscribing to Eleven Sports may be down your alley. For just £5.99/ month, or just £49.99 annually, this could represent a much cheaper option than subscribing to either Sky or BT.

With matches involving both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo upping the sticks from Sky and BT to the latest digital sports platform alongside a whole host of Serie A, La Liga, Chinese Super League and more, the likes of Eleven Sports should prove to be the student's favourite choice in watching football. 

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