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ConIFA reject Ellan Vannin appeal to block Barawa progression


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ConIFA have rejected an appeal from Ellan Vannin to void the progression of Barawa to the semi-finals.

Ellan Vannin had been knocked out after a 2-0 defeat to Barawa in Haringey with Mo Bettamer playing a leading role. 

Ellan Vannin appealed that Bettamer was not in the Barawa squad and therefore ineligible. 

ConIFA explained that Barawa were informed an hour before their first game two players would not be released by their clubs. The next day, Barawa lodged a request to add Bettamer to the squad. ConIFA accepted as a majority of the teams had not been able to comply with the squad registration deadline but did not communicate the update with the other teams. 

This morning, the tournament management committee, consisting of nine members of the organising committee met with members of all 16 sides and voted to reject the appeal. Barawa and Ellan Vannin were not permitted to vote.

Ellan Vannin appealed the decision and the committee met again this evening. 

Part of a statement on the ConIFA website describes what happened next: "On the evening of Monday 4 June, the tournament organising committee reconvened. 10 teams were represented in person. Three provided valid written proxies. Six tournament organising committee representatives were present. One provided a valid written proxy.

"The committee firstly annulled the prior acceptance of the appeal on the basis that the decision was flawed by procedural irregularities, because CONIFA’s voting procedures had not been followed.

"The committee then voted on whether Ellan Vannin’s appeal should be accepted, in which case Barawa would be relegated to third place and Ellan Vannin would proceed to the quarterfinal. By a vote of 13 to seven, the committee rejected Ellan Vannin’s appeal. Accordingly, Barawa will play in the tournament quarter finals on Tuesday.

The committee then voted on whether Bettamer should be permitted to continue playing in the remainder of the tournament. By a vote of nine to five, with five abstentions and one uncast vote, the committee determined that Bettamer is eligible for selection for the remainder of the tournament."

Barawa will play Northern Cyprus in Sutton at 1500 on Tuesday in a game which will be featured on The National Student with live Twitter updates and a full match report after the game. Ellan Vannin will also play Tibet at the same time at Hayes Lane, Bromley. 

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