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Monaco GP: Red Bull's Triumph is Formula One's Loss


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The Monaco GP is renowned for being one of the most historic and glamorous events in the history of Motorsport. Yet the latest Grand Prix was anything but. 

The Race highlighted the current failings of Formula One with leading drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso criticising the event when interviewed by the BBC. With them coining it "the most boring race ever." For a sport which is supposed to push the limits of technology and engineering, Monaco did little to showcase this. 

Admittedly, Monaco can often be uneventful compared to other tracks on the Formula One calendar, a tight street circuit in the heart of the affluent principality. Yet this year was particularly bad, with the majority of teams opting for a one-stop strategy due to the fragile nature of Pirelli tyres. The leading teams also wanted to ensure they did not get caught behind slower cars following another pitstop subsequently damaging their hopes in an already close championship race between Ferrari, Mercedes, and Redbull.

Despite these criticisms of the race on Sunday, we can not take away from the terrific driving of Red Bull's Australian Daniel Ricciardo. He dominated the weekend, quickest in all practice and qualifying sessions before leading the rest for all 78 laps despite suffering engine issues a third of the way in.

When interviewed by the Sky Sports Ricciardo, said he and the team had obtained redemption for their mistakes in previous Monaco' GP's including the infamous 2016 GP, where a mistake in strategy cost him his maiden victory. 

Max Verstappen in the other Red Bull demonstrated his prowess for the first time this season taking his car from the back of the grid up to 9th place earning two points. Max Verstappen recovery was extremely impressive, yet it is still not enough to detract from the fact that the Monaco GP, on the whole, was a dire spectacle. 

The underwhelming Grand Prix has led to claims that it may be a time for a change of direction within Formula One. With Monaco encompassing many of the issues with the sport at this current moment in time. However, it is worth noting that this season so far has been particularly interesting, six races in there have been three different teams winning, arguably giving us the most exciting start to a Formula One season since the mass reform prior to the 2014 season. 

Ultimately the decision for change lies with Formula One's new owners, Liberty Media and I believe that the Monaco GP will have given them a good indication of what does need to happen to reinvigorate the whole of Formula One. In recent years it has become an increasingly stale one horse race dominated by Mercedes, and I for one would like to see this change.

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