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ConIFA World Football Cup 2018: Who are Barawa?


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As part of The National Student's coverage of the ConIFA World Football Cup, we are bringing you introductions to all 16 teams at the tournament. 

Who are they?

Barawa is a port town in Somalia.

The Barawa side is made of members of the Somali diaspora in England.

They are currently approximately 114,000 people of Somali descent living in the United Kingdom. The north-western corner of Somalia was part of the British Procterote of Somaliland from 1884 to 1960 (with a gap from 1940-1941 when it was occupied by Italian forces).

The first immigrants from the region were merchants and sailors arriving in the late 19th Century. 

Race riots resulted in Somalians being evacuated back. Several would settle in London after being recruited to fight in the First World War. 

As the merchant shipping industry began to wind down, several Somalis moved to industrial towns. When Somalia became independent in 1960, there was another influx of immigrants and several students came to Britain. Some long-term Somalian expatriates returned to the country, however instability in the 1980s resulted in a lot of them returning.

Three Somali origin sailors were denied employment in 1983 due to the colour of their skin. They had tried to get jobs on civilian ships during the Falklands War. This was deemed unlawful and brought focus on racism in British shipping.

The team and their ConIFA history

This will be Barawa's first appearance at the tournament. They are hosting the tournament and being based in England, this means the tournament is held in London.

In 2016, they played in the World Unity Cup, losing 5-0 to fellow qualifiers Tamil Eelam and 3-2 to the Chagos Islands before beating Tamil Eelam 3-2.

In February, they drew 0-0 with Hashtag United, managed by YouTuber Spencer FC.



Notable Britons of Somali descent

Well known Britons of full and partial descent include Olympian Mo Farah, footballer Leon Osman, musician Aaar Mantaa, journalist Rageh Omaar and businessman Omar A. Ali. 

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