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World Chase Tag: parkour meets playground tag


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Tag is a game that most of us played frequently in the school playground.  It was fun and carefree, a way to run off some energy from those long classroom hours of boredom. 

However, when we left primary school, most of us also left Tag behind.

Some did not...

The emergence of World Chase Tag saw a playground game transformed into a sport that is taken very seriously by everyone involved. Christian Devaux invented the sport in 2009. 

The inspiration came whilst attempting to settle an argument between him and his son Orlando about who was the most successful player in their game of ‘it’ (Chase Tag).  Devaux decided to incorporate a timing system into the game that measured the length of time a competitor could remain untagged - deciding the superior player. 

Despite the fact that Devaux lost the game to his son he decided to patent the idea and attempt “To reinstate Chase Tag to its rightful places as the most recognised and popular sport in the world”, this is the motto on their website. 

There are currently two forms of World Chase Tag, the first is a singles game (Multiplayer) and the second is a team game (Team Chase Off). 

Team Chase Off seems to be the most popular with a world competition scheduled for London on 18th December 2017.  

The game is very easy to understand as the there is one golden aim, don’t get caught.  However, there are rules.  Each team has at least two players and the match is divided into sets which have an agreed number of chases, usually between 10 and 16. 

The match starts with one evader and one chaser from opposite teams entering opposing sides of the court.  The chaser then has 20 seconds to tag the evader.  The court is covered in benches and tables at different heights that the competitors either slide under or leap over throughout the game. 

If the evader is tagged, above the waist and below the neck, then the chaser takes the place of the evader.  They then proceed to evade the next chaser.  Each time an athlete is successful in evading capture for the duration of the chase then their team is awarded a point. 

Whichever team has the most points at the end of the set will win.  Each match consists of a best of three so there is plenty opportunity for a nail-biting game.   

On the 18th December, Devaux will be joined by two of the sport’s top athletes Joseph Henderson and Greg Ball who will compete for victory on opposing teams. 

This sport requires a lot of speed and agility, which explains why world champion Parkour and Freerunning athlete Joseph Henderson is one of the most successful. 

Henderson, only 20 years old, is known for his fearless roof jumps and position as one of the fastest Freerunners in Parkour – his success is worldwide, winning numerous Parkour speed competitions. 

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