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The women fighting a London borough's 25% child obesity rate through sport


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Woodberry Grove, in Hackney, has obesity rates of over 25% for 11-year-olds.


The proportion of 11-year-olds who are obese has risen in 23 of London's 32 boroughs in recent years - but in Hackney, in an effort to fight this, to build the borough’s sports facilities, and to fight child obesity, FloRéal Sports is offering low cost sports sessions in American Football.

Faz Hossenally and Rani Lewinson are aiding the UK government effort to lower the rate of obese children by informing children on what to eat as well as by getting them active.

Faz, who is currently writing her dissertation on sports management, has a strong upbringing in sports, and has played football and volleyball among others. She credits some of her inspiration for initiating the American Football sessions to having worked with the Marshawn Lynch foundation.

Faz describes the company’s efforts as “bringing passion to business,” while she cited their sporting choice, American Football, as “bringing something new to the table" in terms of what was on offer for children.

Rani also has a rich history in playing sports for her community and county. As a woman coaching and getting children active, Rani explains that she and her counterpart are relatable and well received.

The sessions not only encourage young athletes, they also foster important relationships between role model coaches and those participating.

The goals of the programme include allowing girls and boys to play together, allowing for a contact sports league to be started, and for there to be scholarships available for some of the participating students. Faz and Rani will be targeting deprived areas in England, starting in Hackney. 

Floréal Sports are making important efforts to fight obesity as well as providing fun children's activities in deprived areas in London. Equally important are their attempts to make university more accessible for students in these areas by having scholarships available.

Faz and Rani are leading an empassioned assault on what is quite an unsettling statistic. Find out more about them here. 

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