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First golfers reject female members and now... beards?


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Repeated rejections of female members at prestigious golf clubs and now Andrew Johnston’s revelation about his beard being branded ‘bad for golf’ have made it unclear what vision of masculinity some golf fans are actually after...

The Spanish Open champion has been sporting a pretty impressive bit of facial hair for some time now. It certainly hasn’t hindered his golf, but he admits that some fans on twitter really do not approve.

A little uncouth, they say, and not in keeping with golf's 'image', apparently. But, at a time when golf clubs around the world are being shamed for votes to keep out female members it’s a little unclear what vision of masculinity the naysayers are after.

So why the beef with ‘Beef’?

I thought the whole banning female members was about preserving some sense of bygone masculinity? What’s more masculine than fluff on the face, eh? It worked for Old Tom Morris. W.G Grace made it work in cricket.

So many other sports are making strides towards incorporating both the beard AND gender equality. Why does golf struggle with both? (I mean let’s not get into the PDC walk outs…)

If you’re going to be prejudiced at least make it coherent.

But Beef, ignore the haters. You do you. 


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