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Is Beyonce derailing Sunderland’s season?


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In a surprise move, Sunderland manager David Moyes apportioned part of the blame for Sunderland’s rocky start to the Premier League Season to Beyonce.

The Glaswegian ex-Manchester United manager spoke to The Sun regarding the fact that Sunderland’s pre-season had been hampered by several Beyonce concerts hosted at their home ground, The Stadium of Light. The club have been un-able to host any pre-season games as a result. He argued “I reckon if we’d had three or four of those first games at home then we’d have won at least one of them. I can’t prove that, but that’s my thought.”

While it’s a strange argument he’s not without a point, and it does seem like mismanagement for the club to leave their incoming manager with no pre-season friendlies at home before the season got fully under way. Moyes seemingly spoke out in order to air his frustrations at the club's owners for allowing income (gained by the club for hosting events at The Stadium of Light) to come before the good of the team.

Last time out saw Sunderland lose 3-0 at home to Moyes’ old club Everton, thanks to a Romelu Lukaku hat trick. After the match the Scot conceded that “there is a definite mental fragility at times in the team,” and a failure to strengthen convincingly in the summer transfer window will only compound that issue.

In a recent National Student article I suggested that Sunderland were likely to face relegation this season after many years of near-misses, and while there’s a long way to go (and a mid-season transfer window in which to shore-up the squad) the early signs only re-affirm my view.

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