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World Chess releases their own dating app, Mates, in build-up to World Championship match


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The World Chess Championships is just a few moves away, taking place at The College in Holborn London between the 9th and 28th of November. While it may be expected to see chess making headlines in the lead-up to the biennial competition, few expected it to do so in the form of such a necessary dating app. 

World Chess teamed up with none other than Pure, the self-proclaimed hook-up app for awesome people, to introduce Mates in the lead-up to next month’s event. It almost makes too much sense when you take a moment to really think about it, as good sex and a proper game of chess share some of their best (and worst qualities), exposing those involved to a range of emotions including tension, personal uncertainty and often times a spontaneous conclusion.

While it’s not too difficult to download a digital chess app, Mates is a reminder that when played in person, chess can be both emotional and dramatic.

World Chess Championship logo referred to as

Photo: courtesy of World Chess

Once activated, the free app makes your profile live for an hour, during which time you’re encouraged to match and chat with nearby players for the purpose of setting up a local chess date. Once that hour has run its course, both your profile and your conversations will disappear like a blundered queen.

According to Ilya Merenzon, the CEO of World Chess, the “goal was to find a way to connect millions of fans and make chess social again.

“We want everyone to spend less time on their phones and more in front of their chessboards”.

Mates falls right in line with the newly redesigned logo for the World Chess Championships, which seems to have taken inspiration from the world of Kama Sutra and has been regarded by many as borderline “pawnographic”. While their approach to promoting the event has been slightly polarizing, the coverage, both good and bad, guarantees that the championship match between current champion Magnus Carlsen and challenger Fabiano Caruana is guaranteed to kickoff with a bang.


For more information on the Chess World Championship head over to, where you’ll get information on its competitors as well as multiple ways to experience the event live!

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