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A celebrity matchmaker's ten hacks to getting more right swipes


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Celebrity Matchmaker Lady Nadia Essex and dating app Badoo have teamed up to save your profile and find you that perfect date!

Celebs Go Dating has returned to grace our screens and we couldn’t be happier about it! It seems the lovely people at Badoo, the world’s largest dating app, felt the same, as they teamed up with the show’s resident celebrity matchmaker Lady Nadia Essex to celebrate. 

Read the list of no-go’s below, as Lady Essex dishes the dirt on the top 10 mistakes that singles are making on their dating profiles.

1.     Too much Information (TMI)

As much as we love reading all about your life-changing experiences backpacking across Southeast Asia, or about how many K’s you like to run on the weekend - this information overload is probably best saved for your first date. Keep your bio short, sweet and to the point. 

Lady Nadia Essex, said: “If their bio is too long, you tend to lose interest and therefore judge the person to be self-obsessed or boring”

2.     Not Enough Information 

With that said, don’t make it non-existent. We have all swiped left on those blank profiles, with nothing but a link to Instagram - are you looking for love or followers?

Lady Nadia Essex, said: “If your bio is too short, you look like you can’t be bothered to make a decent effort. This could be totally untrue, but get it wrong and your matches will be significantly lower.”

3.     General descriptions that don’t mean anything 

Is this your dating profile or your CV? You’re fun, bubbly, intelligent… do you have excellent organisational skills too?

4.     Your photos aren’t doing you justice 

This is a dating app, not a childhood game of ‘where’s wally?’ so avoid making that picture with 50 of your mates on that group holiday to Ibiza your display picture, it’s also advisable to remove any pictures with your ex - unless you want to look like you’re struggling to let go.   

Lady Nadia Essex, adds: “Having too many pictures is such a turn-off, especially if they’re all selfies - and only one mirror pic is acceptable. No topless or bikini pictures unless you’re clearly on holiday and do try to upload a picture that shows you can make an effort - whether it’s killer heels or a sharp suit.”

5.     Check, check and check again 

Nobody expects you to have a bio worthy of a Mensa Award, but if you think your five-year-old nephew could write a better one than you - it may be time to roll out the big guns (I.E: spell check and autocorrect)

6.     Boring opening lines

Stay away from one-word openers. Be creative, fun and by all means throw in a cheeky gif - you’re more likely to get a response if your message is more than one syllable. 

Lady Nadia Essex, adds: “Firstly ‘hay’ is for horses. A simple ‘hey’ is the WORST opener ever - what can one respond to that? 

Go through their pictures, find some common ground, and open up with something relative. For example: “Hey [insert name,] I see you are a fellow ham and pineapple pizza lover - we’re a dying breed. Before they make Hawaiian topping illegal and we get shunned, I think we should go to a nice pizza place and indulge. What do you think?” 

Witty, charming and respectful always wins.”

7.     Honesty is the best policy  

Lying doesn’t get you anywhere in the world of online dating, so keep your profile and your conversations authentic.

Lady Nadia Essex, adds: “Remember that most people on dating sites are looking for a relationship, so if you’re not, it’s important to be clear and put it in your bio. If you start from the assumption that most people are looking for love, the games that people play will make much more sense.”

8.     Swiping on the first picture   

Swiping left on the first picture is one of the biggest mistakes that singles make on dating apps. Just because someone’s display picture doesn’t take your fancy, it doesn’t mean they’re a total write off. Have patience!

9.     Men, don’t send unsolicited d*ck pics  

Even if a conversation has turned flirty, please don’t assume that it’s time for an unexpected DP. Also, let’s be honest, nobody ever believes that you “accidentally” sent a picture of your penis in your hand. Un-match.

10.   Don’t be afraid to ask for a date

Lady Nadia Essex, said: “We need to get back into the habit of being brave and asking for a date. Everybody gets nervous, but you matched for a reason. Taking a couple of hours out of your busy life to spend time with another human being, who could be ‘the one,’ is not much to ask and could be well worth it.”

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