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Five ways to own being single on Valentine's Day


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Everywhere you turn there are bright red hearts, boxes of chocolates and giant teddy bears telling you they love you. 

Indeed, it seems nowhere is safe from the celebration of love, which might be great for couples, but it arguably less so for those who are single. However, have no fear as we have come up with a list of ways to have fun and celebrate being single this Valentine’s Day. 

You never know, you might even have more fun than if you were on a date.

1. Order your favourite food

Splurge a bit and get something you’ve been craving. You can eat as much as you want without feeling bad as there is no-one there to judge you. No matter how messy the food or how bad it makes your breath smell, there are no limitations or no-go dinner options. 

The best part of it all? You can get it delivered to your door and enjoy that scrumptious food in bed, in your PJs, watching whatever film takes your fancy. No compromise needed.

2. Embrace your inner slob

There is no panic to get your makeup done or ensure your hair looks fabulous. You don’t have to wear uncomfortable clothes or sexy underwear that cost a fortune. Instead, wear some old clothes or your PJs and spend the day in bed. Watch your favourite movies, order take out and eat from the box (so that there is no washing up to do) and just spend the day showing some self-love.

The only person you have to impress is you, so dress as you want, act as you want, and spend all your hard earned cash on yourself.

3. Avoid social media 

Valentine’s Day is not complete without all your friends publishing overly gushy and romantic posts about their partners. While they can be quite touching to read, especially posts by close friends, the sheer volume of such posts can soon make you feel a bit ill. Moreover, all your loved-up friends reflecting on their happy relationships can make you feel quite lonely. 

So, the best advice is just to avoid social media for the day. Read a book, watch some television or get out of the house. We spend enough time on our phones as it is, so take Valentine’s Day as your personal holiday from those humble brags and happy ever after stories. 

Don’t let your news feed bring you down or make you feel like you’ve somehow failed. Being single on Valentine’s Day is not the end of the world, in fact, it can be quite fun. So why make yourself feel bad when you can go out there and see what the day will bring?

4. Shop ’til you drop

Valentine’s Day is a holiday where people treat their significant other and show them how much they care. This is sweet, of course, however, people often forget to treat themselves as well. So why not turn the holiday on its head a bit and show some self-love? Don’t have a partner? No problem! Treat yourself instead.

You can buy that one item you’ve had your eyes on, or go all out and hit the shops with your Christmas money. It might be your local high street, charity shops or online shopping, no matter where you go, make sure to get yourself something nice you can wear next time you go out. You never know, you might even be wearing your new purchase when you meet the person with whom you hope to celebrate next Valentine’s Day.

5. Make it a party

Depending on your personality, you might like spending time on your own, or you might hate it. Regardless, Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate with loved ones, so why not do just that? 

Invite your closest friends over (they can be single or in a relationship) and spend the evening showing each other how much you care. Grab some snacks, dinner and booze and have a great night watching your favourite shows or playing games. Desperately try to win Twister when drunk or learn who of your friends has the best poker face with Cheat. Try to out-dance each other with Just Dance or see who has the best imagination with a game of Two truths and a lie. 

Alternatively, go out and spend the night clubbing or at a bar with your friends. Throw caution to the wind and have fun flirting with the guy you’ve liked all term. Play drinking games with your friends and see who can best hold their liquor. Take those all-important selfies and giggle over club photos you won’t believe you liked in the morning. 

No matter what you do, make sure to keep things light-hearted, friendly and have lots of fun!

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