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No ice-skating or tapas... so, what SHOULD you do on a first date?

26th February 2014

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Yesterday we revealed the first date behaviours that, apparently, are going to get you in the way of scoring a second one.

The results might have been surprising – first date etiquette means no tapas, no Thai food, no visiting of tourist attractions, no extra drinking and maybe even no good night kiss, according to the survey.

Unexpected? Possibly.

According to 18-24 year old portion of the 2,000 people surveyed for Ladbrokes Bingo though, there are some things you can do right on date one. Here are seven ways to get it right.

DO go for drinks

Going for drinks should be the basis of a first date, according to 41% of those questioned. This seems fair to us – if it’s going well you can extend the evening (see below), and if it isn’t you can always escape with the excuse that it’s a school night/your flatmate is having a dire emergency/you suddenly feel horrifically ill before cocktail hour has even finished. Also, if you’re in a city you can use it as an excuse to show of how in the loop you are by taking said date to brand new quirkily decorated rum establishment with monumental rooftop view. Everyone wins.

DO go to the cinema

16% of respondents picked the cinema as a top first date option, which might seem low – but isn’t really, considering the amount who chose drinking as their first choice. You might feel that divisive film choices could make or break your relationship before the credits have even rolled, but hey – arguments (debates) about such things are good. Embrace them.

DO go to an Italian

We think this is far too obvious and predictable - but we’re obviously in the wrong because 38% of those asked picked Italian as their top date one dinner choice. We’d advise that you don’t order spaghetti unless you are, in fact, Italian.

DO go to a Chinese

Again, going for Chinese has the potential to end up being mediocre and less than memorable – and it’s also far less popular than the Italian option, with 14% choosing it as an optimum dinner pick. But still, it came in joint second, alongside...   

DO go to an American diner

A date venue with lots of fun potential, which is always good. Watch out for the excess of sauces, because as we said yesterday when advising you to avoid Mexican – a saucy face is not a good look when said sauce has recently squirted out of a massive burger.

DO split the bill

Yeah, you gotta.

Now, go forth on bill-splitting Italian drinking date and be merry – good luck!

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