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How to stay sane when single this Christmas


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Christmas: it’s the most WONDERFUL time of the year! Multiple weeks off uni, sparkly resents, an abundance of homey food. Love is all around… or is it?

Apart from Valentine’s Day, Christmas can be the toughest time for the year for us sad, lonely, single souls. From Wham! to Mariah Carey, through the medium of schmaltzy festive 'music', we are repeatedly reminded the best gift we can get is someone to share our one mince pie with. It can really spoil the pre-holiday magic if you’re flying solo.

So, how to avoid living a Bridget Jones-esque nightmare before Christmas? Here are some precautions to avoid falling into a pit of your own intense, extremely un-festive woe this December.

1. Online shopping. One of the greatest gifts the 20th Century/rampant consumerism gifted to the hapless Christmas singleton. Not only will you avoid the terrible temptations just waiting out there to kick your wallet's ass (YES! I really do need that chocolate fountain for Christmas Eve gatherings!) but you will be also free from all the sickening relationship behaviour going on outside. Be gone, happy holiday couples. Take your candy canes with you.

2. Take a shield (aka a friend) with you. Everything is more bearable in good company. Also, you can quietly mock the shopping couples without feeling overly bitter. If you so wish.

3. Have your iPod ready at all times. Christmas music is awesome (debatably) but there’s only so much Mariah we can take.

4. Brace yourself for the family inquisition. There is always that one aunt/uncle who thinks it’s about time you found yourself someone nice. Think of polite yet firm bullets to shoot back or they will eat you alive alongside the Christmas pudding.

5. Have a mince pie. Or two. And some hot chocolate. Won’t help but won’t hurt either. Mulled wine might do the job though. Or eggnog. Or Snowballs. Or all of them... hey, it's Christmas. Spending it hammered can only alleviate your pain.

And remember - it’s not all doom and gloom, however low you might feel inside. Let’s be honest, there are numerous perks to the situation.

1. You can get yourself an extra present. You would spend that money on the other half, so why not get yourself a little something? Boots do some really good three-for-two offers. You’re worth it, baby.

2. Which means, no need to spend hours and days thinking of something creative for your partner or, if applicable, their family. So much stress avoided and so much time saved – enough you can take up a new hobby. Knit yourself a scarf?

3. Also, no need to meet their family at all. Again, so much more stress avoided.

4. Instead, you get to spend more time with your own family. Which might not be such great news for some but hey, your family will love to have you just for themselves for a couple of days. Come on, it’s Christmas, and everyone loves spending time with a drunken uncle.

5. You can spend the entire holiday in a food coma and no one will care. And no need to worry they will notice that extra pound or two you gain while at it. Be fat and happy! No one cares anyway.

Single or not, Christmas is what you make of it. Make it work for you. If everything fails just follow the example of Amanda in The Holiday.

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