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Absence makes the heart grow fonder... right?


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 Personally I just couldn’t understand people breaking up come August and simply citing the reason as "because we’re going to uni." 

Okay, some people know that they don’t want to begin this new chapter with any strings attached, but what about those who are happy in their relationship and not overly keen on the idea of it ending, just because one of you is at York and the other is at Warwick?  As someone who managed to keep their relationship going over the whole three years at university (and now one year later), I’ll be honest, it isn’t always an easy ride – but, as is the case with anything unknown, if you don’t try then you’ll never know...

The power of Skype compels you!

Whether you’re at opposite ends of the country, or just opposite ends of the county, Skype (and/or Facetime) will become a very welcome third party in your relationship. So much better than a phone call, it’ll be almost as if your other half is right there in the room with you.  Well, unless you have a bit of a dodgy connection on-campus, then you just have to put up with contorted frozen-screen faces and relying on Skype’s instant messaging feature. But at least, either way, you can chat for free for hours on end.  Three cheers for technology.


Get happy in a Jiffy

Good old Emily Dickinson once said "A letter is a joy of Earth – it is denied the Gods" – okay, so she might have said it just over a century ago, but the principle still applies.  Everybody loves opening their little communal alphabetically-ordered pigeonholes to find an unexpected letter or package with their name on it, and this simple method of communication really does prove that it’s the thought that counts.  Grab a Jiffy bag and stuff in a couple of his/her favourite sweets, a postcard, a handwritten letter, or something silly; it doesn’t matter how small, you’ll be guaranteed to make their day.


We’ll meet again, don't know where…

Depending on how far apart you are, the promise to see each other every other weekend might turn out to be not quite as feasible as you’d hoped – particularly if your train fare is somewhere around £70, even after you’ve got your 16-25 railcard discount!  Even if you can only manage one weekend once every month or less, seeing each other in person after weeks of only screen-to-screen contact just can’t be beaten, so make the most of every minute until you bid farewell, and come back to cry on Skype’s shoulder.


All's fair in love and war

So, you’ve got off your train, jumped into one another’s arms, but now it’s all gone wrong; you want to stay in, they want to take you out on the town, so now you’re both sat at opposite ends of the bed wondering why the hell you even bothered.  A lot of people seem to think that, when you can’t see each other every day, everything needs to be a proverbial bed of roses when you do get to.  But it’s okay for things to get a bit thorny (sorry…). An argument doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all over, just as it didn’t before you went to uni; even if it does, and you decide to call it a day, it’s not the end of the world.  All it boils down to, in the end, is one simple paraphrased mantra from Doris Day; Que sera, sera, if it’s meant to be, then it will be.

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