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How to survive summer at home

14th May 2013

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Student life might sometimes feel like it's all about lifesaving Pot Noodles, distorted sleeping patterns, excessive partying and (of course) hardcore studying. But before you know it the summer is upon us and the thought of living back under our parents' rules becomes a painful reality.

Most students are wary about moving back home during the summer - it's only natural. The thought is daunting but together we can get through with this useful student-to-student advice on how to survive.

1. Get Busy

Getting a job is tricky for everyone, especially when all you have on your CV is beer pong champion. But fear not because most employers take advantage of the summer. They can smell fresh student blood. Look for jobs in newspapers, job sites, everywhere. Don't wait until a week after you go home: huge mistake. Look now. Just think money, money, money for the new term to spend/waste on partying. Job sites are always looking out for people to be anything from bar staff to promotional staff for festivals and gigs all over the UK. Holiday resorts around the UK and abroad are always looking for confident young people as well. Be adventurous. If all else fails try volunteering; trust me it's great fun.

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2. Things change, end of

You come home to find your parents have suddenly turned weird. Your Mum has a new baby - Smudge the cat and your Dad has started singing One Direction songs. Even worse your old friends, particularly the ones who didn't leave for uni, have become alien to you. It's difficult to see your friends and family go on with life without you but things change, people change and you've changed. You may have changed your appearance, your beliefs or your interests. You may not think it but that's you becoming mature and finding your own way in life. Bottom line is get over it, that's life. She can be brutal at times.

3. Compromise, compromise and compromise

Most parents will find it hard to accept the fact that you don't sleep with Buster the bear anymore and you're actually an adult. Compromising is very adult and a great device when it comes to showing your parents that you're mature(ish) enough to deal with things in a calm, civilised manner. Whether it's about friends, curfews, buying food, laundry or romantic relationships just be adult and talk to your parents. Join me on the journey of 'manning-up'. It’s always better to do this at the start of the summer get it all out the way.

4. Go far away

If you've been clever enough to save some money at the end of the year go on a holiday. There are so many cheap holidays from 'going hard' in Magaluf to backpacking around Europe using an Interrail pass and an open mind. Britain will be most likely lacking in sun but we're used to it. We're hardcore, strong, rain defying human beings. If you can't get away then there is always nice places close by to go to. Think Cornwall, Alton Towers or The Edinburgh Fringe. Just don't rely on the weather.

5. Finally...

The summer is inevitable and for many a slightly painful time, but remember to make the most of this time off whilst you've still got it. Before you know it you'll be back at college or university ready to tackle books and destroy dancefloors harder than the year before. If you use your sense of humour and your new skills you’ve acquired as a blossoming adult it will be easy – bring it on. Just plan ahead, be adult and have a laugh.

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