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Should you get with a friend at university?

2nd April 2013

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From drunken hook-ups to friendships blossoming into romance, the chance of getting with a friend, or at least a friend of a friend, at university is pretty high. If you do happen to find yourself in this situation there are a few things to think about.

1. The back-lash from friends

It's pretty inevitable that if you and another friend share a drunken kiss, or more, that your friends around you will have something to say about it. If it was just one of those things that happens when you've had a drink then just laugh it off with them, their comments won't be meant negatively. 

2. Group dynamics

If you've found yourself in a relationship with someone from within your friendship group it's going to be unavoidable that the dynamic of the group will alter. This will especially be noticeable in the early stages of the relationship as everyone adjusts - though if you've been getting together for a while it may be easier! The main thing to think about is that you both don't ruin your friendships with the others and you make time for both just you two and the group as a whole.

3. Talking

Talking is good in most situations. If your friendship is turning into something more or you have just shared a cheeky kiss it's probably better to talk about it. It'll help to clear the air and make things less awkaward between the two of you.

4. The 'friends-with-benefits' trap

If you've got with a friend once, the temptation to do it again may be high. It may simply because they are just there every time you're on a night out and the opportunity is just there. While there is no problem with this set up, if it is starting to affect the rest of the friendship group then you need to look at what you are doing.

5. Post-Uni

As with any relationship at university you have to consider what will happen after university. If it's someone who was a friend before they were something more then there is a chance that you'll see each other along with your other friends even if you choose not to stay together as a couple. As long as you end it on good terms then all should, hopefully, be ok. 

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