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How to balance revision & exams with your relationship


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Easter revision cramming and summer exams are almost here. Making it work when the work piles up can be difficult, but whilst it's important that you prioritise the studying, here's a few tips to help you balance it with keeping a healthy relationship.

1. Make special plans

Much as it might seem necessary as exams get closer, you can't be studying 24/7 unless you want to have a breakdown before you even get to the big day. It's still important to relax and reward yourself, and in fact it can keep your motivation levels high if you do. Plan to study through the day, then on an evening do something nice together, whether it be cooking a nice meal, a cinema trip, or a greasy takeaway as a break from the dryness of the revision notes.

2. Don't mix work with pleasure

Whilst 'study buddies' may seem like a good way to kill two birds with one stone, it isn't always the case. Not only can working with your partner be a major distraction, but it takes the reward out of seeing each other when you've already spent all day in the library moaning.

3. Be understanding

Since the likelihood is that you will both have quite different exam timetables and workloads, try to be considerate when thinking of your own needs. Just because you might feel you've earnt your reward now doesn't mean that he/she will, and to be honest they'll be a lot more fun to be around if they aren't feeling guilty and stressed about work.

4. Don't be a stranger

Just because you aren't seeing each other doesn't mean you can't communicate; regular texts and calls are important if you aren't able see each other as much to keep you both positive and reassured during the exam period. The last thing you want whilst trying to study is the nagging worry that things aren't okay - if you're thinking about them, tell them.

5. Prioritise study

At the end of the day, you're both here to get a degree. Especially in exam week, don't get your emotions get the better of you, regardless of how little it means you can see each other. They'll still be here when you finish your exams, so when the workload gets high, don't put it to the back of your mind whilst you have a bed day - you'll only regret it on results day.

The most important thing is to see the light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how bogged down you are with stress and work, there's always the end in sight, so don't let pressure get the better of you or it will only affect your relationship. Manage your time, keep in touch and remember to treat yourself now and then. Follow these simple tips and you'll find that keeping the balance isn't as hard as you might think

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