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This is what we did in our Jack Wills clothes and why we picked them


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Student life is never straightforward.

It’s colourful, ridiculous, stressful, intriguing, fascinating and one hell of a learning curve. As a student, you’re given the freedom to be exactly whoever you want to be in a space that allows you to flourish individually, collectively, emotionally and intellectually.

Credit: Photo by Caitlin Clark for The National Student

So, if our lifestyle is colourful and crazy then surely our clothes should reflect that, right? Right.

That’s why The National Student teamed up with Jack Wills for an exclusive photo shoot - featuring our very own writers who represent the beauty, diversity, and fun of the modern day student, shot and directed by a recent graduate. 

We were given the freedom to set up our photo shoot with props, choose our own clothes and cater the creative direction to reflect the real experiences of real students. So often, we’re fed what we should and should not do, should and should not wear or listen to or read. Donned in our JW outfits, we were given free rein.

Credit: Photo by Caitlin Clark for The National Student

Our female model Maddy is a creative - colourful and oozes charisma. Whether she’s writing up essays at her desk or performing late at night in Drag shows across the country, she loves comfortable outfits that still have that “Maddy” flair. Sleek silhouettes, vintage styling, stripes and pops of colour feed her influences.

Maddy chose an adorable, frilled-sleeve pink jumper and donned the matching pink bobble hat for a splash of baby pink pastel colour. Her skirt completed the “comfortable creative” look.

Credit: Photo by Caitlin Clark for The National Student

Maddy’s counterpart Robert is a sharpshooter. Constantly on the move between university, seeking out the next big student story, and political and social marches, his off-white cotton shirt and beige chinos are the perfect balance between environments.

Giving him the flexibility of dressing up or down with a black and white flat cap, Robert likes to be prepared for any situation: from desk to protest. 

Credit: Photo by Caitlin Clark for The National Student

African Studies graduate-cum-photographer Caitlin (hi that’s me!) is a lover of tunes, gigs, coffee and laughing so hard you pull a stitch. Stretchy mixed-fabric trackies and a simple white Tee sums up my style: comfy, minimalist and adaptable.

Rolling around on the studio floor and almost falling off ladders needed something strong and classic, and that’s exactly why this outfit worked so well.  

Credit: Photo courtesy of Jack Wills

The day was full of fun, laughter and silliness. In Jack Wills' beautiful studio and with the support of their full-time staff, we were able to capture the student spirit all with a professional touch.

Sure, it wasn’t without its hitches, but what part of life as a student isn’t?

More photos in our gallery.

You can find out more about Jack Wills' new collection here

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Images edited by Josh Stewart

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