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Drake was wrong to call J Hus' return a celebration


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Whether you love or loathe Drake, you can’t deny the fact that he is fan of British Culture, whether that be trying to immerse himself in the Grime scene or through being an executive producer on the soon-to-come third season of Top Boy.

Image Credit : The Come Up Show // Flickr

I personally find his love for British Culture cringy, and to use a turn a phrase accustomed to my secondary school self, Drake to me is a bit of a beg. However, my like or dislike of Drake is not the debate I want to bring to light in this article, instead on want to focus on J Hus’ surprise appearance at Drake’s gig at the O2 in London last week.

J Hus was arrested last June at the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, East London. He was initially stopped by Police as they believed he smelt of cannabis, after which they asked if he was carrying anything he should not have been. This ultimately led to J Hus admitting to being in the possession of a 10cm folding knife. In response to the charge of being in possession of a bladed article, J Hus initially pleaded not guilty before changing his plea to guilty. He was sentenced to eight months in prison in December and only served four before being released last week.

I want to be clear that I do not have an issue with J Hus restarting his career, by all means he has served his time, recognised his wrongdoings and has taken responsibility for his actions. In a letter read out at his trial by his barrister J Hus said “My decision to carry a weapon was careless, ill-advised and utterly stupid. Being a public figure that many look up to, I simply should have known better.”

Six words resonate with me from the letter: “I simply should have known better.” I believe that Drake should have known better too. I believe for him to call J Hus' return to the stage a celebration of sorts is wrong. It is irresponsible, in light of the fact that J Hus was sentenced for carrying a knife, an object which is at the centre of a growing crisis in London and the UK, an object which has taken so many loved ones away from their families in needless violence.

J Hus and Drake have been lauded across twitter by various individuals. I believe this to be insensitive in the current social climate, but then again, I expect nothing less of Twitter.

One Twitter use hit the nail on the head: 

Obviously knife crime is not all J Hus' fault, nor did he in fact stab anyone. However, he was carrying a knife and ultimately if he was carrying it out of ‘fear’ as he stated at his trial, in a certain situation he may have been prepared to use it. I have nothing against J Hus trying to relaunch his career, but to call his return a celebration is in my opinion celebrating the very reason he was put in prison to begin with. 

Lead Image Credit : The Come Up Show // Flickr

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