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As much as the Galaxy Truffle is missed, there are so many other treasures


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Christmas is a time for remembering those who are no longer with us, and people are getting their reminiscing in early this year with a call for a much-loved favourite to be resurrected.

Box of only Galaxy celebrations

An online petition has been started to reinstate the mighty Galaxy Truffle to Celebrations boxes.

To date, only a fraction of the desired 10,000 signatures have been obtained, but the point is one which has long been campaigned for on social media.

The truffle was great. The truffle was a favourite.

It’s time to bring the truffle back.

It’s surely a testament to the chocolate’s popularity that it is still much loved and lamented seven years after its demise.

The ever-widening range of Malteser products, too, is a bit of a kick in the teeth to truffle lovers; if we can have Malteser ice cream, Malteser bunnies, Malteser reindeer and an entire gift box of Malteser Teasers, is it really isn’t too much of an ask to have a few measly truffles thrown into our kilo of Celebrations?

Yet this much-missed member of the chocolate family is not alone, and I wonder if, in concentrating upon this one infrequent guest, we are in danger of forgetting about the many others who have fallen by the wayside.

Putting aside the banana-flavoured Chomp, a product with no evidence to prove its prior existence other than some vague memories, there are a raft of goodies which have been discontinued, overlooked and ignored over the years, which are equally as deserving of our time and remembrances.

Take, for example, Cadbury’s Strollers.

Probably best described as a less traumatic version of Revels, with no coffee or orange to alarm unsuspecting munchers, Strollers were assorted chocolate-covered raisins, biscuit and balls of toffee.

With every bite eliciting a different taste, they remain available outside the UK, meaning reintroducing them here would be an absolute doddle in comparison with starting up production of the distinctly more dead Galaxy Truffle.

A further fallen friend is the Time Out.

The love-child of a Flake and a KitKat, there were few joys in life better than slurping a cup of tea through the wafer-biscuit and taking some, well, time out.

Poor sales led to its axing, being replaced instead with a lower calorie, lower taste and lower interest single-wafer version.

Reintroducing the classic would be an easy and simple move for Cadbury to make in order to reignite its glory days. 

And all of these possibilities are before we even consider all of those chocolates yet to make it to these shores.

For this we have only to look to Asia, where confectionary like the KitKat has been imagined in dozens of different ways.

UK varieties of Nestle’s wafer-biscuit include adding simply flavours such as strawberry and raspberry, but the Japanese market enjoys such novelties as strawberry cheesecake, matcha green tea, and even a KitKat which can be heated in the oven to take on the flavour and texture of vanilla ice cream.

All of these delights are available to the UK only via import stores and websites, which is frankly a travesty.

If we’re finding the time to look backwards to lost loves, it would also be an appropriate time to look both outwards and forwards for treats we’ve yet to meet.

This whole world of chocolates, then, is ours to grab hold of and investigate further.

Yes, I’d love to see the Galaxy Truffle making a reappearance in this universe, but they are just one chocolate in dozens of others.

So I wish the petition-makers well, and am crossing my fingers for a favourable outcome.

And I’ll be crossing my toes for the Time Outs too.

Image: Tim

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