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How Trump's failure to reunite immigrant parents with their children proves he's a liar


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If it wasn't already clear, Trump's failure to make good on his promise to reunite immigrant children with their parents has highlighted how untrustworthy the current president is.

On the 26th July, the deadline set by a federal judge in California for the reunification of families with their children was failed to be met by President Trump.

Separation policy protest

Many immigrants were prompted to sign documents on their arrival to America agreeing to return to their home country, promising that they would be reunited with their children if they did so.

However, a staggering 711 known children still remain separated from their parents.

Now the deadline has passed the reasons for the government's failure became apparent; they have simply and horrifyingly ‘lost track’  of many of the children’s parents.

Such a failure of organisation and policy has finally revealed how clueless and rash Donald Trump, and his decisions, really are.

Speaking at a rally in Indiana in May, Donald Trump claimed that for all the world’s criticism of his country, “the US is respected again” and that this was something that he had achieved.

I would argue that his recent actions have achieved the complete opposite.

What Donald Trump is failing to cover in all his campaigns and policies are the reasons that these migrants are making this dangerous and traumatising journey in the first place.

Speaking to DemocracyNow!, author and political dissident Noam Chomsky drew on these buried causes of mass immigration.

Chomsky claimed that it was “hard to think of a more brutal and sadistic policy” than the one adopted by Trump’s government.

Most importantly, Chomsky highlighted the facts that Trump is choosing to ignore; That these people are “fleeing from the wreckage and horrors of US policy”, drawing on the events of 1954 in Guatemala where the US intervened, supporting a military coup, leading to the political unrest and oppression that would continue well into the 21st century.

“So essentially what President Trump is saying is ‘we’ll destroy your countries, slaughter you, and impose brutal regimes, but if you try to get out you’re not going to come here because America is full’”.

Even when Donald Trump first began his campaign for the Presidency back in 2016, he made his opinions on immigrants very clear.

Speaking at many rallies, he claimed "they’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists".

What Donald Trump is desperately trying to skim over is that the vast majority of these people arriving in the US are not only immigrants innocent of all the above, but refugees seeking asylum. 

For months members of Trump’s administration even tried to deny that it was separating children from their parents.

When journalists found and published evidence proving the contrary, they then moved onto blaming the Democrats for this policy, a policy they did not even create.

After this argument was found to be flawed they then began to blame Congress, claiming it was “Congress’ job to create the law”.

However, as the New York Times rightly pointed out, Congress has had nothing to do with the implementation of these laws, so again Trump was outed for his seemingly desperate lies.

Trump then labeled the policy as "a necessary evil".

He and his administration seemed to believe that these scare tactics would prevent any more immigrants from entering the United States, for fear that they would be separated from their children.

However, for many of these refugees, there is no other choice but to try, the danger at home posing too great a risk not to.

Eventually, Trump had no choice to reverse the policy, although this did nothing for the estimated 2,500 children that had already been separated from their parents.

Speaking to CNN after the reversal, Democrat House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer rightly claimed, "[Trump] created a crisis, he said he solved the crisis. He has not".

Mere weeks later and he failed to meet the deadlines to reunite the parents with their children.

As a result, a second new deadline was set by Judge Dana Sabraw.

The administration was given until 2nd August to produce a solution which would reunite the children who are still separated from their parents.

It is as yet unclear what their solution will be, and whether they will be successful in implementing it.

What we can hope for is that this will discourage Trump from passing further hardline policies as well as discouraging the public from believing him.

Ultimately, Trump has created an even bigger issue than the one he started with and as yet seems to have no idea how he is going to tackle the immigration crisis.

We have no idea what ‘solution’ he might come up with next and, given his track record, that's a worrying situation to be in.


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