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10 moments in 2017 that filled us with hope


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It may have felt like 2017 was a pretty terrible year, with most things in the media not being the most heartwarming and hopeful, however, there were some things that went well. Here are 10 moments that filled us with hope in 2017 that you probably didn’t hear about.

1. Scientists found a way to rebreed sections of the Great Barrier Reef

A dive team of international scientists found a sample of living coral that survived a recent die-off. The overall goal is to find the corals with the best genes, breed them, and return them to the ocean where they will continue to breed. Hopefully, this will create tougher reefs that can handle global warming and other man-made environmental issues.

2. Amazon built a new headquarters… which included space to shelter over 200 homeless people

In Seattle, Washington, Amazon created a new headquarters was created that included 65 rooms that could house more than 200 homeless people each night. They are partnering with Mary’s Place, a local nonprofit. This is not the first time Amazon has partnered up with the nonprofit for a project like this, last year they temporarily housed 200 homeless people in one of its empty buildings on its Seattle campus.

3. The snow leopard has been taken off the endangered species list

The Snow Leopard was first listed as endangered in 1972 by the IUCN, and as of 2017 has been finally taken off and is now regarded as “vulnerable". Although this is an improvement from endangered, scientist want to emphasize that they still need support and could go back to the endangered list without help.

4. HIV/AIDs is no longer the leading cause of death in Africa

According to The World Health Organization, fewer people are dying of HIV/AIDS and malaria in Africa. In 2010 there were 1 million deaths, and in 2015 it went down to 760,000 deaths. The decrease in these deaths signify a huge step forward, and we can only grow from here.

5. The Amazon rainforest is getting replanted

The project in the Brazilian Amazon plans to fill 70,000 acres of new forest using a new technique that creates stronger plants. This is the largest reforestation effort ever and is set to take place over the course of six years to help lessen global warming.

6. Crime decreased by 2.7% this year

Although popular media makes it seem like crime is rampant around us, the reality is that it is decreased. According to The Brennan Center for Justice, average crime rates dropped by 2.7% when comparing to 2016. It was also found that average violent crime rate has decreased by 1.1% and the average murder rate has decreased by 5.6%.

7. Child labour has declined a third since 2000

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), the global number of child labourers has decreased by a third since 2000. This is an outstanding improvement of 246 million children to 168 million children. This shows the progress that has been made and is a positive outlook for the change that is to come.

8. Saudi Arabia let women drive

It was announced in 2017 that in June 2018, woman will be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. This is a good step forward in eradicating the gender equality. Not only is this great social change, but it also will help fuel Saudi Arabia’s economy by allowing more woman to enter the workforce.

9. People came together in the face of tragedy

In the U.S there were many natural disasters that occured, and although they were heartbreaking, there was also an amazing amount of support that came through in this time of need. From civilians taking their boats out to help to store owners opening shop for the people who lost their homes.

10. Women took to the streets in protest

2017 will be noted for sex scandals, such as Donald Trump's remarks about woman, or the revelations of the sexual assaults. However, the courage and support shown by so many people through the marches, protest, and the recent #MeToo movement, show the strength and resilience of people.


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