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I DO like and respect Taylor Swift and she is a genius - here's why


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In response to a recent opinion article, I have decided to share my opinions on the new and improved Taylor Swift. 

Taylor and her marketing team have always worked hard to ensure that Taylor's music can be heard worldwide, helping millions of individuals through their heartbreaks and giving us something we can jump around to (I do not care if I am not 22, I will sing along like I am).

Taylor Swift

For the last year Taylor has been very private about her life, and I do not blame her. With the constant coverage on what she has been doing and who she has been dating, it is no surprise she decided to take a step back.

Deleting everything on her accounts would have allowed her to heal from any past dramas, and when she was finally ready to come back, she did. She used her social media accounts to advertise her new singles 'Look What You Made Me Do' and '...Ready For It?', which is the most effective way to advertise music, because let's face it: no one actually advertises their albums on the televison anymore. 

With this new album, Taylor is coming back and owning her flaws. She is shedding her skin and becoming a new person, something that everyone does. Yet, because she is Taylor Swift, it is clearly not acceptable.

How dare she be who she wants to be?

Taylor SwiftLook What You Made Me Do, Taylor Swift, music video. Screenshot (YouTube)

Since the release of her new songs, I have seen many comments on how she cannot pull off being a "bad girl" - but I would like to point out a couple of things.

1) She is a woman, and this weird obsession with calling grown women girls is frankly creepy (please stop) and 2) She is not trying to come off as a badass, and you would know this if you listened to all her songs. However, many listeners only listen to the songs that make it to number 1.

In 2010, Taylor released her 'Speak Now' album. With songs like 'Better than Revenge' - which is similar to 'Look What You Made Me Do' and 'Speak Now' - a song about her literally crashing someone's wedding which, if you ask me, is a pretty badass thing to sing about. 

So let's get onto some of the finer points of the previous article titled 'I don't like or respect Taylor Swift but she is a genius - here's why'.

The writer of the article pointed out that she should not be respected because of the diamond bath that she takes in her music video, as it is aimed at Kim Kardashian's robbery.

Taylor Swift

Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor Swift, music video. Screenshot (YouTube)

However, this is clearly not aimed at Kim (Taylor has one of the greatest publicity teams, they would not allow this) - it is in fact a swing at herself and the media. It is connected to her 1989 song 'Blank Space', which she once introduced at the GRAMMY Museum by considering how the media portray her as someone "crying in her marble bathtub surrounded by pearls."

The article also touches upon Taylor's public discussions of the issues of rape and racism. Especially when considering that she just made history by winning a court case against a man that groped her (and only taking $1 from him), for me personally and I am sure for many others, this actually gives me hope for the future for both men and women who go through such ordeals in life.

I sadly cannot comment on Taylor's political views because I do not know what they are; she has not shared them and I do not think she will. This is something that many celebrities do in order to keep the peace on their social media sites. However, I doubt that Taylor is racist - since she has many black fans that she treats equally to her white fans. Not to mention she is close friends to Zendaya, who certainly would not be friends with someone who did not share the view that Black Lives Matter. 

Overall, I respect everything that Taylor is doing. This is a woman that works hard, creates her own music (something many others are incapable of doing for themselves) and is finally making a stand for herself. #Slay

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