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I don't like or respect Taylor Swift but she is a genius - here's why


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After her relative silence this year, Taylor Swift has rocked her fans’ worlds once again with the release of her new song and music video Look What You Made Me Do. 

Taylor Swift

Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor Swift, music video. Screenshot (YouTube)

Now, you can say what you like about her, but this recent turn of events should prove it: Taylor Swift is an absolute genius. She's far from dumb. She knows what people have been saying about her, and she knows exactly how to make money out of it.

It started when all her social media accounts went black. And I'm not just talking about her Twitter or Instagram. I'm talking about those little accounts nobody has ever heard of or knew she had; her Line account, her Tumblr.

It's so clever. She got people talking about her by saying absolutely nothing. And it worked so well.

Her social media blackout got the internet abuzz and sent fans into a frenzy wondering if it was now time for her new 'era'. 

I wouldn't count myself as a Taylor Swift fan. Sure, some of her songs are fun and easy to sing along to. Others not so much. But even I was on the edge of my seat curiously wondering what this could mean.

So when she released a trio of short videos featuring a black snake it was easy to get caught in the maelstrom of excitement.

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When it was announced that her new album would be called Reputation everything seemed to fall into place

The imagery of a snake (a name she has been called ever since her feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian reached melting point and Taylor was outed when Kim revealed Taylor did in fact know about the lyrics to West's song Famous - yes, it's all very high school) is savage. It really allows her to own the slurs that have haunted her for so long.

It didn't end there. Taylor Swift created such a buzz around her new music that when the music video dropped at the recent VMAs, it almost felt like the whole world stopped what they were doing to watch.

And she went in on every single person that has ever wronged her. She mocked the 'I heart T.S.' vest her ex, actor Tom Hiddleston, wore on a beach that the internet laughed at. She showed she hasn't forgiven Katy Perry for stealing her dancers by dressing up as the popstar and holding a Grammy, something Perry has never won. She acknowledged the countless headlines that made fun of her seemingly endless cult-like 'squad' of girlfriends.

She reminded us all of every single negative headline, and every single bad thing ever said about her. She told us she knew what we thought. And she doesn't give a damn. She quite literally killed off her old selves in a sequence at the end of the video that is nothing short of brilliant.

Taylor Swift

Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor Swift, music video. Screenshot (YouTube)

This new era of music has allowed for Taylor to shed that 'good girl' image. An image that was quickly dying anyway in light of all the negative press and public arguments she has been involved in. Taylor Swift is saying she's back and she is ready to blow things up.

She's a genius. She has played us all. Taylor Swift has used her fame to make her even richer than she already was. We can hate her all we want, but the girl knows how to grow her empire.

Of course, this entire come-back has occurred right after her epic court case win, in which she stood up for every single woman that has ever felt sexualised.

"I'm not going to allow you or your client to make me feel in any way that this is my fault, because it isn't... I am being blamed for the unfortunate events of his life that are a product of his decisions and not mine."

And with that line she was fighting for every girl that has ever been sexually assaulted. It was amazing. She was amazing. She impressed me so much and I found myself respecting her in a way I never have before.

Taylor Swift

Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor Swift, music video. Screenshot (YouTube)

Until the music video dropped and she threw shade at every single person that has ever wronged her. Which is fair enough. I'd have probably done the same. Good for her, finally standing up for herself. It was outstanding.

But then some people picked up on the fact that she, arguably, mocked Kim Kardashian with the robbery she traumatically went through.

And whether that's a reach or not, it reminded me that Taylor Swift isn't someone to admire. She definitely isn't someone to respect.

She hasn't spoken up in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. She hasn't shown public support for Planned Parenthood. She is the definition of a white feminist. She only cares about herself and her worries. The line "the world moves on another day another drama, drama. But not for me, not for me, all I think about is karma" from her new single proves that.

Not to mention the name of the song. Look What You Made Me Do. Something countless rape victims have said that their attacker threw at them. Shocking considering Taylor Swift just went through a court case based around sexual abuse. Swift is attempting to put the blame on others for her own actions. It comes across as quite juvenile. 

This recent turn of events only highlights the fact that she doesn't actually care about the wider issues in society currently. All she cares about is that she is succeeding and manipulating her image in the media once again. 

The new song is okay. I liked it more with each listen. It's catchy. I keep catching myself singing it in my head. The music video is incredible. The whole thing is genius.

But I don't like her. I don't have to. She has proven she is here to stay and she doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks anymore. The old Taylor is well and truly dead.

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