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Why hashtags will save the world

24th August 2017

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A generation of social media addicts is being raised, according to the older generation. How will we find the cure for cancer, send people to live on different planets and eventually create armies of robots, when all that the younger generation seems to care about is how many likes they will get?

Whilst social media does have its bad sides, this generation of youths are the most woke and politically aware generation, in my opinion, to ever exist and the revolution that comes will be televised.

The social media site Twitter is known for its links to the entire world; it allows people to connect with others living anywhere, and it has created a breakthrough in communication.

One word: hashtags.

These hashtags bring awareness to so many situations that mainstream media will not cover. They are mostly known for exposing situations by people taking videos, uploading them to Twitter with a simple hashtag, and seeing them go viral in a matter of hours.

The famous case of Alton Sterling was first brought to the world's attention, by the horrific scenes caught by a witness of the altercation Alton had with the police. This then triggered the hashtag #AltonSterling trending number 1 on Twitter for days. The video sparked, as I'm sure you'll remember, outrage across the world with many high-profile celebrities tweeting in support of Alton.

This is not the only time hashtags have caused an uproar of support, which would have been otherwise non-existent without them. During the surprise election that Theresa May called, she went head to head with many political parties with her main opponent being Jeremy Corbyn for the prize seat at number 10 Downing Street - the younger generation gave her a run for her money.

The iconic slogan 'For The Many Not The Few' became a powerful hashtag, with much of the younger generation coming together armed to help Corbyn to power.

The power of social media can no longer be disputed, with social media being at the forefront of the reason a hung parliament occurred. Young people took the future into their hands and showed the world their power.

Hashtags are the reason you know the truth behind many stories. No more sugar-coated tales from newspapers and tabloids.

And to the older generation who believes a generation of social media addicts have been raised, with no aspirations and politically unaware: who knows how far we will get with just a little hashtag.

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