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Am I a coconut?


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Coconuts are brown on the outside, but they're white on the inside. I've been accused of being a coconut before - often tongue in cheek, but it brings me to an interesting point.

Like - what the hell does that even mean? 

It seems to suggest there's a specific way for people who are British Indian like me and other ethnicities to act.

In fact, I remember after a Philosophy lesson, I read that babies develop the ability to differentiate colours quite late during pregnancy, I was around five and a half weeks premature, before this point. I asked my friend "Does this mean I couldn't tell colour when I was born?".

His reply: "You still can't because you think you're white".

No, this I find is very derogatory; it suggests a person's race defines their characteristics and behaviour and if they don't fit a set prototype that's somehow wrong.

I've had various things about me being used as examples of me being out of character; apparently, rock and metal music is not a thing someone like me should enjoy, it's more of a "white people thing". Becuase, you know we know about those legendary white supremacist guitarists - Jimi Hendrix and Slash (!)

I sound like I have a couple of plums in the back of my mouth - some people genuinely think I don't actually sound like that and I'm putting it on. Like, I have the time to keep it up for 19 years. 

When it comes to politics, this is a lot worse; there's a presumption that being from a minority background I must be left wing. I'm a libertarian unionist Tory and just about every left wing party I've encountered is so far away from my principles, I'd find it very difficult to subscribe to their policies. 

People do like casually roasting Tories presuming I'd agree with them, which to be honest is a bit awkward. It's funny how some are adamant that anyone right-of-centre is racist. It's quite racist to think that someone should vote a certain way due to the colour of their skin and anyone who uses that argument is quite simply a fool. It's deliberately divisive and wrong. 

I am genuinely surprised with the high proportion of British Indians backing Labour, if I'm honest. If you look at the way Indians think and are raised, the Conservative Party seems a natural home for them. Indeed, the current Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is perhaps one of the most right-wing democratically elected politicians in the world.

Yet, when, I discuss voting with fellow British Indians, I will never make this point, because it's quite frankly horrible. If anyone ever tells me I should feel guilty for voting a certain way due to my background, I will openly call them out for it.

Going back on the libertarian stuff, I just do what I want; I do the things that make me happy. 

I listen to the music I want to, I wear the clothes I want to and I act in the way I want to. This is regardless of what people think I should be. I do my own things, I want to be my own person, and if that doesn't fit into your idea of how I should be, then tough.

Putting labels on people and expecting that to influence their actions is quite frankly wrong. Am I coconut? I don't know, to be honest, you might think I am, but I don't care. I'm my own person, and I'll live the way I want.

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