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Why a Conservative and DUP coalition would be a disaster


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Yesterday's General Election has culminated this morning in a hung parliament, leaving Theresa May and the Conservatives scrambling to make up the numbers for a majority government.

They could also go forward with a minority government, but rumours are that the Tories could team up with Northern Ireland's right wing Democratic Union Party. The DUP won ten seats in Northern Ireland, so a coalition deal between the two parties could take up the Conservative party's number of seats to 329 - passing the all important number of 326.

But who are the DUP, and what do they stand for?

The truth is that the party don't exactly stand for... a heck of a lot of progressive policies. One of their main policies is to block same sex marriage. It's not to say that this would happen should they become a junior party in government, as the Tories do now generally vote in favour of same sex marriage, and they are unlikely to repeal the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act passed in 2013 - but even having them in such a position of power is a huge step back from everything the LGBTQ+ community has campaigned for.

They are also anti-abortion, some members even supporting a ban for rape victims, and are accused very often of being a sexist party with little regard to women's rights, despite currently being led by Arlene Foster who is a fucking woman. They are the biggest pro-forced pregnancy party in the UK.

It could be easy to be swept in by their policies to "prioritise spending on our Health Service, create more jobs and increase incomes, protect family budgets, raise standards in education for everyone and invest in infrastructure", but any seemingly good or progressive policy in their manifesto is tarnished by their anti-gay and anti-women stance, and even their call in 2011 for a debate to reinstate the death penalty.

The pro-Brexit DUP also deny climate change, with member Sammy Wilson stating on behalf of the party in 2014 that it is a 'con' to blame human activity on changing climates and weather patterns. He also continued to attack renewable energy and accusations that agriculture produces the highest amount of greenhouse gases. He was backed up on these claims by the party.

With Britain slowly edging toward a more progessive society with policies of equality, the DUP gaining any more power than they have been elected to could throw Great Britain a huge way backwards. It would be a disaster for everything every activist in this country has worked for, from same sex equality to giving women a choice when it comes to childbirth to recognising and dealing with the ever increasing threat of global warming.

Perhaps we could accept another Tory governement, but we can't support them being propped up by a party that want this.

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