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Milo Yiannopoulos's ‘Privilege Fund’ exclusively for white men is a sobering example of what's wrong with society


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Editor of right wing publication Breitbart Milo Yiannopoulos has opened up a college scholarship exclusively for white men.

Known as The Privilege Grant, the scholarship's website states that this funding is for those who fall into that group and want to pursue higher education in the USA.

The website explains: “American college campuses have changed. Research now suggests that low-income Caucasian males are the most in need of help. Women’s advantage in college graduation is evident at all socioeconomic levels and for most racial and ethnic groups”. 

Milo is a white man. Therefore, the concept of him extending a helping hand to his own ethnic group is understandable enough.

Here’s the thing though; the matter at hand is more complicated and dark.

Yiannopoulos has twisted the facts to suit his own agenda of perpetuating the white privilege that he's benefited from his entire life. How do we know that, with this scholarship, the 33-year-old doesn't mean to reinforce the far right ideologies upon which his “career” is founded - racism and ultraconservatism?

Low-income Caucasian males are here being declared the most in need of help - something that is highly questionable. They might genuinely be in need, somewhere along the line, but many would argue that declaring them the most in need negates the very real struggles of ethnic minorities in the USA. 

It is neither fair or progressive to simply ignore the longstanding racial disparities across educational attainment in the USA, as if they don’t exist. 

On the Privilege Grant’s website, the grant is further justified with the necessity to help white men to be "on equal footing with their female, queer and ethnic minority classmates”.

As such, it is implied that white men aren’t the most enabled group in American society: this can only be described as delusional.

On the whole, white men fare quite well within the US educational system, which is built upon lack of equal opportunity - in that group’s favour, rather than against. After university, black & Hispanic graduates are more likely to be unemployed than their white counterparts, and they earn less money on average. This is rather similar to the situation in the UK, where ethnic minority graduates are twice as likely to be unemployed than their white counterparts.  

According to the last US census, more than one-third of white students had a bachelor’s degree or higher (36%). That’s almost almost double the amount of black students (22%) and more than twice the amount of Hispanics (15%). However there is indeed a marginal disparity between white female and male students – a meagre 0.4%. 

True; white students are not the highest academically attaining group in America - Asian students are. However white students come a close second and their lack of attainment is generally not for a lack of opportunity and access. Pull the other one.

That said, there are many, like Milo, who deflect from reality with this self-absorbed ‘woe is me’ stance. We also have governmental bodies attempting to sweep the matter under the carpet and trusted publications running with inaccurate headlines such as ‘Black women become most educated group in US’. Again - don’t believe the hype.

It's a hype that only serves to lull the white masses into the misconception that racial inequality isn’t alive and well in all corners of society, not least of all, within the educational system.

And so, the phrase ‘white tears’ was born of this façade; defined as the result of bigoted Caucasians’ complaint against a non-existential racial injustice that they supposedly bear the brunt of. It encompasses the performative struggle to acknowledge white privilege.

White tears are dangerous though, and Milo’s spouting of false information is just as hazardous, for it threatens the erasure of racial awareness, justice and socioeconomic liberation for all.

Still - can we expect better from Yiannopoulos, the chap who was banned from twitter for life for his cold, relentless and unremorseful participation in the online abuse of actress Leslie Jones? You know, that time he likened her to a black minstrel.

Did we anticipate more from the fellow who canned the Black Lives Matters movement as “fact-free musings about police officers” and suggested that they instead “organise aerobics classes” to tackle the black community’s obesity pandemic?

Are we surprised about the Privilege Fund, coming from a self-professed internet troll? An anti-semitic half Jewish man?

Despite the fact that Yiannopolou is gay, you’d be far pushed to find a more anti-gay rights person.

My point is that this geezer is a living, breathing oxymoron.

One who aligns himself with populist, divisive ideologies; calls Donald Trump ‘Daddy’ for kicks and suffers with a generally reactionary disposition. Unstable to say the least, dear.

As Milo squawks the blues about the plight of white men in America, I'll be putting my headphones on. More and more I am reminded of why we, as a collective society, have made very little racial progress over the last half a century. 

We need to get real and translate our ongoing, superficial conversations about the racism into real action and implementation of equal opportunity policies.

One of the reasons less black and Hispanic students go to university is lack of financial means. Perhaps a ‘Privilege Fund’ for black students to get them on an ‘equal footing’ with their white counterparts.

In the meantime, I propose that you join me in tuning out the bollocks from the likes of Milo.

Yeah. Just as he casually overlooks what he sees fit, let's ignore the hell out of him until he either comes to his senses or disappears into deserved irrelevance.

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