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This is the vote that really shows we are a nation of doomed, morons


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Forget the fact that the ‘majority’ voted to leave the EU without a single glimmer of a plan from our politicians, that’s not the vote that shows we are on a downward spiral.

It has been announced that people (actual ‘real’ people with eyes, mouths and, presumably, brains) have voted Mrs Brown’s Boys as the greatest sitcom of the 21st Century.

Mrs Brown's Boys

Let that settle in for a moment.

A show which is the televisual equivalent of that comedy night in back street pub in Stoke run by a bloke called ‘fat Barry’ who is always the headline act and only tells jokes about that boil on his balls and his mother-in-law, is the public’s favourite sitcom of this century.

In 2016, a comedy that gets its ‘laughs’ (I mean does anyone laugh?) from the fact that there’s a man dressed as woman (tee he), and bodily functions "happen" (ha ha), and, oh, isn’t the Irish accent hilarious, has been voted what the general public want from ‘quality’ comedy.

If that’s not a damning indictment of our education system I don’t know what is!

Babies laugh at fart noises. I have nothing against babies but let’s face it, they haven’t worked out basic things like walking, feeding themselves and not shitting everywhere, so it might not be a great idea to base how we measure quality on what they do.

I can only assume that anyone enjoying Mrs Brown’s Boys also lack the basic skills described above, there can be no other explanation.

On a more serious note, although the period since 2000 might not be the golden age of the sitcom, these 16 years have given us satirical gems like The Thick Of It and Twenty Twelve, surreal wonders like The Mighty Boosh and Black Books and cringe-fests in The Inbetweeners and Peep Show.

It has also brought forth some truly brilliant pieces of work that have broken new ground like The Office and The Green Wing.

All these comedies have superb writing, excellent performances and a sense of purpose behind them. All things that the ‘best’ comedy is sorely lacking.

To even compare Mrs’ Brown’s Boys in the same list is akin to comparing that note I once found in a bar in Newcastle that said ‘I dones at wrong, in my pants’ with the Lord of the Rings as a work of literature.

“Shut up you pretentious snob,” I hear the enraged throng of headcases who enjoy this ‘comedy’, “you think you’re better than us.” And for once, yes I do, and with good reason.

After Brexit, this vote proves that the problem with public votes is that the public appear to be idiots with very little grasp on reality.

To quote Super Hans from Peep Show, "People like Coldplay and voted for the Nazis. You can't trust people."

If you genuinely voted for Mrs Brown’s Boys on merit, I am truly sorry.

Not for my opinion, but for how catastrophically the education system has failed you.

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