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The darker side of Canada’s LGBT friendly Prime Minister


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The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, recently became the first Prime Minister to march in a Pride parade.

Whilst this shows great solidarity with the LGBT community and has definitely made a good impression, there is a hypocrisy surrounding the whole occasion that seems to have been overlooked.

Trudeau is a pretty popular man – he hugs pandas, welcomes refugees and has a cabinet that is made of equal numbers of men and women because at the time “it [was] 2015”.

But politicians are notoriously untrustworthy. They make all kinds of promises that they can never deliver (perhaps Mr. Farage could relate?) and we constantly have to rethink everything we choose to believe.

The Prime Minister’s actions are undoubtedly an amazing show of support and allegiance, especially during a fragile time for the LGBT community – but this meme has surfaced on the internet and, unfortunately, it makes a very good point:

The Canadian government has gone through with an arms trade deal of $15 billion with Saudi Arabia – a totalitarian state.

Earlier in the year, Amnesty International called out against this, claiming that it was disturbing that weapons supplied by Canada could be used and passed on by Saudi Arabia to violate human rights.

Whilst Trudeau can dance in a Parade march he is also responsible for supplying a state that is homophobic, sexist and funds international terrorism.

There couldn’t be anything more deceitful than selling $15 billion worth of weaponry and then joining in with an event that celebrates acceptance and individuality, and because of this it seems his image could be tarred.

During the Pride parade he also confessed that his government is looking into gender neutral identity cards, according to The Independent, in an attempt to improve Trans rights. Whilst this is great, his hypocrisy continues to grow.

It indicates a positive movement in working towards bettering the lives of Trans people in Canada, but what about those in Saudi Arabia?

In Saudi Arabia, people receive the death penalty as punishment for being LGBT and Trans rights are non-existent.

Surely politicians have a responsibility not just to make their own country a better place but to have a positive influence on other countries.

We are too often pulled into a trap of immediately believing everything we see. Photographs of the Prime Minister joining in with the Pride celebrations in Toronto are amusing and happy but they hide the dark truth.

He responded to controversy surrounding the trades deal by claiming “it’s a matter of principle” that the Canadian government go through with it, as reported by CTV News, but this is such a non-response and it seems that even he can’t defend his own actions.

While his allegiance and support of the Canadian LGBT community may be integral, he has forgotten (or ignorantly ignored) the worldwide community and it’s important to draw attention to this. Why isn’t this being talked about?

LGBT people need leaders who work for global equality and whose actions at home mirror how they deal abroad so that they can feel safe wherever they go.

It’s a sad thought to think that Justin Trudeau’s actions at Pride were simply an attempt to further increase his popularity – and it’s one I don’t want to entertain.

But it’s time for politicians to be stronger on a global level and to maintain a singular image. If you support LGBT rights, or even human rights, support them everywhere and in everything you do, otherwise we all lose out.

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