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I'm an Italian student in London and my future is no longer my own


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Free movement is a great thing. The more I think about it, the better it seems. Free movement is one of the best things my generation was given, in my opinion. I can now make the world MY world.

I had no choice of where I was born, I just happened to be born there - but I have the choice on where to build up the rest of my life. I cannot change where I’ve come from but I can do something about where I’m going! Come on, that’s one of the most inspirational quotes, that’s the sentence you think of when you’ve fucked up and know that you just have to work hard to make things better; it’s the principle of inspiration and determination for growth and progress!

Yet, apparently the British are fed up with our power to take our future in our own hands, and have decided that I should stop making my dream be that of stealing their job and breathing their oh so precious air.

In fact, I’m an EU student studying in London and, no matter my qualifications or hard work or dedication I probably need to bugger off because you guys need to take your country back, make it yours, restore your sovereignty, blablabla.

I, however, was still very lucky. I was lucky because I started university last year, and last year I still felt welcome in the UK. I could apply for my student loan, I had to pay just as much as the British kids, I was able to get my scholarship, I didn’t need a visa to travel or work, it would even cost me little to get home on a low-cost flight for a weekend, sometimes only £9.99.

But set the money aside if we must. Most importantly, I knew I could plan my future in the United Kingdom.

I knew I could fight for that dream job because I had a good chance, a great chance, no matter where I was from. Think about all the great doctors, architects, writers; all the people that inspired, changed, contributed. Who knows how many great people will be lost within this process of abandon.

I knew I could fall in love if I had to because I could stay here without counting days, the days it would take for my visa to expire.

Think about how many people will not meet, how many friendships, how many weddings, how many collaborations, have been chucked out the window.

I understand that if things had been different to start with these opportunities would have probably never existed. But now there has been a conscious decision to actively block people out, to actively shatter the principle of free movement that shepherded globalisation and put us where we are now. Think about everything that now will not happen because of the result of this vote.

Now, I don’t know how lucky I am anymore. I’m still grateful and positive and ever so amazed by the UK, but I’m not sure what lies ahead. Free movement is a great thing but now I’m not sure I can move and even so, I wouldn’t know where. Why? Because confusion is all we have been left with.

How is uncertainty in any way a decent result to a political, national choice? How is it possible that I have no idea what will happen to my future? If so many people have voted for this, then why does nobody have any answers? Why are we all panicking?

If we don’t want to cry over spilt milk we should instead look to the future. And I’m looking, oh I’m looking. But at the moment I cannot see where that future is heading. 

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