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These are the female stereotypes I could do without


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Don't get me wrong, I love being a woman. I think women are wonderful creatures and I am happy to be surrounded by them and one of them.

There are however, some female stereotypes I could do without. The kind that put pressure on you to be a specific kind of woman, an ideal woman, the best kind of woman.

One thing I cannot bare is that because I'm a woman I have to look cute all the time and smell like a rose while our male counterparts smell like a field and wash their balls once a month. Sometimes, I don't want to wash my hair every week, sometimes I will pick that popcorn out of my bra and eat is and yes, sometimes the hair under my arm will grow and I will shrug it off and leave it for maybe even two more days.

Another age old annoyance is the 'are you on your period?' question that seems to spew out of peoples mouths like word vomit anytime you roll your eyes or snap. I once rejected a guy and his response was 'you on your reds?' Please, never refer to it as 'reds'. Also, maybe I'm in a mood because I'm hungry or tired and maybe just maybe the rejection was due to my disinterest in you and your horrible dress sense. And before any of you reading this ask - no, I am not on my 'reds'.

Similarly, I do not wish to be placed under banner of psycho just because I'm a needy person and expect a text back in 0.2 seconds. Also, if I'm browsing Facebook and suddenly end up on your ex-girlfriends, mothers, cousins profile - that's the mere joy of technology. That is not unreasonable.

I also don't like being targetted for my inability to cook. I actually can cook so this stereotype is obsolete. Just because I set the smoke alarm off and still can't poach an egg or time the toaster properly does not mean the flavour of my food isn't up there with good old Gordon. Try telling Nigela she can't cook. Oh and your mums cooking is great, right? Well she has a vagina and that doesn't affect her ability to use an oven.

Another thing I cannot bare is when people assume that if a woman is a feminist she hates men. Not only is that not the point of the debate, the majority of us love men. Some of us actually want to marry men and be with men and fancy men (gross).

Likewise, the assumption that women only do certain things to impress men. The question 'who are you trying to impress?' comes up anytime you use a smidge more highlighter than usual. Sorry but I don't think John from accross the library is going to notice me just because my cheekbones are shinier than usual. No one spends £20 on one eyeshadow pallete to impress a penis. It's a lot easier than that.

Also when girls actually take an interest in sport or video games, this is immidiately to impress the opposite gender right? Wrong. Some girls are actually just bomb at sport; the England womans football team is doing better than the men's most of the time. I personally can't kick a ball for shit, but the point still stands.

We are a bonkers, bizarre, beautiful gender and I wouldn't have us anyother way - and deep down, neither would you.

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