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The Scottish Conservatives can easily beat Labour into second place at Holyrood. And this is why!


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Back in 2011, Ruth Davidson defied the odds and won a seat on the Glasgow regional list. A Scottish Conservative. In Glasgow. Who would have thought?

ScotlandThe party won a mere 15 seats at Holyrood but claimed victory where it mattered. They remained on top in the Scottish Borders (mopping up easy Lib Dem prey) and held on to most of their constituency seats.

But 15 seats still meant that the Scottish Conservatives were lagging behind the SNP and Labour – and still were as toxic as ever.

Roll on 5 years and talk is rife that Ms Davidson will be Leader of the Opposition come May. But why?

The answer: Scottish Labour.

Since the wipeout of Scottish Labour last May, the humiliating resignation of Jim Murphy (who lost his seat in the bloodbath), and the promotion of lame duck Kezia Dugdale to leader, the Tories have rightly been baying for second place.

The fact remains that many Labour voters are, indeed, moderate.

They don’t subscribe to the SNP delusions, but nor do they care much for Kezia’s stale offering either.

Ruth Davidson has been careful to distance herself from David Cameron’s unionist musings; she regularly sets her own position on many issues that go against the mainstream conservative agenda. Her stance on tuition fees, prescription charges and tax credits, have been well received by the public in many polls, as well as academics and media pundits.

Ruth is out-going, funny and easy to get along with.

She enjoys meeting people, taking selfies and is a favourite on Twitter. Her campaign against the SNP on farming payments – and the useless IT system that goes with it – has awarded her with a bounce in support in the Borders and Highlands.

The party is maintaining a 17% polling average, reaching to 40% in the borders – enough to grab them more constituency seats as well as holding the ones they currently have.

As for Scottish Labour, their only hope for salvation is on the regional lists.

They are on course to lose every single constituency seat they held in 2011. Kezia Dugdale – unlikeable & timid – is ensuring the final nail is hammered into the red coffin in May.

Whilst the party self-destructs, Ruth Davidson is enjoying a boost in support. It is crucial that she keeps the unionist flag waving – as it will always have a place in Scotland for as long as she is leader.

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