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Bindis and Outrage: Chloe Paige's X Factor audition


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“Someone tell that white girl on the X Factor to take that bindi off.” Ouch, hate to see The Daily Mail if someone referred to one of the contestants as “that brown girl.” Double standards, much?

We live in a multi-cultural society where there is constant bitching and moaning that people of different religions aren’t treated fairly. What a shame it is that people who think it’s ok to refer to someone as “that white girl” gets a twitter account. First of all, I understand that person referred to Chloe Paige as a “white girl” to emphasise the point she’s white and probably isn’t Hindu and so apparently shouldn’t be wearing a bindi - but how does she know she wasn’t fully aware of the importance of what a bindi was and what it meant?

I agree this symbol should not be worn by people who have no knowledge of what they are wearing, but you don’t have to follow the religion to have respect for the religious importance. Just like the Christian cross that has become a huge part of fashion, and is yet so common nowadays no one bats an eyelid at it.

If people want to moan, moan about Topshop selling them for less than a fiver and celebrities wearing them when they perform - it is not Chloe Paige’s fault the bindi has been made into a common, everyday fashion accessory. And even if a person does not follow the religion but respects the meanings of the bindi (and let’s say Chloe Paige knew exactly of the meaning of a bindi and what it represents, although she probably didn’t), is it still wrong for her to wear it?

I have a tattoo on my thigh of a Mandala, and I am in no way a Buddhist, but I understand the importance of the symbol and love how beautiful they look. So does that mean that I can’t have my tattoo? I have no right to have it because I am not a Buddhist? My tattoo is beautiful and I’m proud of it. The fact I have deep respect for the Buddhist religion and love what the Mandala represents is enough and anyone who tells me differently can stuff it.

It is a shame, and I’m sure disappointing for religions that their symbols have been turned into a fashion accessory, but this is the 21st century and it is what it is. It is not Chloe Paige’s fault, but she probably should have thought twice before coming on TV, as should of Katy Perry and Selena Gomez. I agree it was ignorant for Chloe Paige to wear that on TV if she had no idea what a bindi was or what it meant, but she has fallen victim to the fashion industry making them into meaningless accessories.

The X Factor is about judging people’s singing and not what they’re wearing. She has an amazing voice and her audition (below) has been viewed more than 240,000 times on YouTube, and that shouldn’t be taken away from her just because she made a silly mistake.

It is frustrating that people wear the symbols totally unaware of the meaning and the importance of it, but this is the modern day fashion industry. Sorry.

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