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Ronda Rousey: A role model for women AND men

4th August 2015

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Having just recently accomplished her twelfth straight win as a professional MMA fighter against Bethe Correia, Rowdy Ronda Rousey has yet again reminded us why she has taken the world by storm. Arguably one of the most dominating fighters in MMA at the moment and no doubt a future UFC hall of famer as well as a budding Hollywood actor, Rousey's star is on the rise.

As a result of her massive success as a dominating character in and out of the Octagon, Rousey is often used as an embodiment for female empowerment. Discrediting stereotypes Rousey often defends her strong physique, chosen sport, relationship status and all manner of issues that come up as a result of her being a woman.

However to limit her as a role model just for women does her an incredible injustice. Rousey is a refreshing change from your typical materialistic celebrity 'role model'. She embodies universal attributes that both women and men can aspire to. As a man who is a great lover of fitness I recognise the hard work and determination Rousey puts in to be where she is and as a result am inspired to keep pushing myself. As a man I aspire for success in life and have high ambitions; when I see Rousey and how far she has come, being the first female UFC fighter and enjoying such success, I am again inspired. As a man who reflects upon his own attitude in life to see someone like Rousey so humble (outside of the Octagon) and down to earth once more inspires me. To then disregard Ronda Rousey as a role model for all because she is a woman is to completely ignore the feats she has accomplished.

Rousey herself has discussed role models before in a colourful interview concerning Kim Kardashian. Rousey criticises Kardashian as being 'idolised because she made a sex video with some guy'. She takes particular offence against how Kardashian is sold to young girls as a 'role model', and is critical of the example it sets.

Rousey then is an example of a self made individual. Regardless of gender she is a true role model to all and sets a positive image of female empowerment gained through hard work and determination and smashing down stereotypes - not, as she so candidly puts it, by performing "felaccio on a C- list celebrity."  

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