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An open letter to the Northfield bullies


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Feel sick after watching yourselves on the internet? Did someone hurt you like you hurt those 14-year-olds? More than six million people online watched your video in disgust because in our life we’ve all came across messed up people like you.

Northfield bulliesWhich is why ‘shocking’ is not really how I would describe this video, just difficult and revolting to watch. It is no reflection on Birmingham but a reflection on a small fraction of our generation. The outrage behind this video that has led so many people to watch what you did is because we all want to know (and now they’ll always be more of us than you): why would you really do this?

Your attack on those girls isn’t exactly unique. You’re a cult of sad, attention hungry kids that are so cold you think growing up works along the lines of ‘bully or be bullied’ except now your actions will forever-as long as the internet lasts for-be known as the enemy, when once I’m sure you were the victim. Perhaps not to the degree of being made to kneel down or take your shoes off, but what happened to you to turn you this evil? Wouldn’t it have been better to want to prevent the hurt you went through instead of pushing it onto girls 2 years younger than yourselves? I say ‘people’ but to me, you aren’t. How could anyone hurt another person for no reason and feel its ok? Or find it FUNNY?

But let’s not forget there were other people there that Saturday night. The lad who filmed the whole thing and the girl who sat on the wall giggling. Whether she was giggling because you were attacking a 14-year-old or giggling because she was scared to go against you, is another thing.

Those girls that tried to fight back (who to point out, are younger yet more mature than you’ll ever be) are a credit to young girls. The fact you and your gross squad attacked them because you ‘downed a bottle of vodka’ (classy) and you’re two years older just shows what you all are. You’re pathetic, feeble people who will only pick on people you think you can get away with or can outnumber. Let me ask, would you have attacked those girls for giving you a ‘dirty look’ if you were by yourself? Of course not! And now you’ve been outnumbered by a good few million on the internet.

It said in the papers after you watched the video of yourselves you felt ‘ashamed’. No you didn’t. You’re lying. You said that because you knew you had to. No one can pull off something that horrific and be capable of feeling ashamed of themselves later. And it’s almost funny, you did all of this because your small minds thought these girls were giving you a ‘dirty look’ and now everyone everywhere you go will be giving you those kind of looks. Are you going to bully all of us now too?

I’m not a big believer in second chances. I hope those two girls can forgive you for what they did because the public never will. You’ll be forever known as the Northfield Bullies now your names have been leaked online. What comes around goes around and whether this video went viral or not you’ll get yours eventually.

To the Northfield bullies. You’re sick. You’re insane. I feel sorry for the way you think. I hope you fix whatever screw is loose. But until you do, I wish you all the worst. You and your squad deserve everything you get.

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