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Future Freshers: Your university accommodation means nothing


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If you only take one expectation to uni with you in September please please let it be this - your accommodation means nothing.

We all want to live in the nicest place possible when we think about moving to university, and when I found out I’d got a place in the most modern, freshly built accommodation on campus I was ridiculously excited!

However, my expectations of uni were crushed when I inevitably got paired to live with a dickhead and got daily ‘banter’ thrown at me. I had no friends other than my flatmates (who never stuck up for me), I hated going on nights out, I hated socialising in the kitchen and I spent four months treading on egg shells desperate not to give out anything to get picked on for.

So I moved to the other end of campus to a 60-year-old accommodation with my only friend. And I never looked back! I met more people in three days then I did in four months in my posh accommodation. Everyone was overwhelmingly friendly and welcoming, and I’ve met friends there I feel I’ll keep for life (hopefully). What I learnt from this, was that it’s far better to live in a crappy accommodation. The accommodation was so crappy, in fact, that everyone became a little family and I no longer missed my sparkly en-suite toilet and shower.

My advice to all freshers going to university this year is to not stress about what kind of accommodation you get placed into - it doesn’t matter! It’s the people you live with that define how uni will go for you. Having your own en-suite is nice, but doesn’t make you happy when you share a kitchen (and a social life) with a dick.

And another thing: do NOT assume the work side is a breeze. Another common expectation everyone has is first year doesn’t count and therefore the work doesn’t matter. It does! First year will shape how your lecturers think of you and help develop skills you NEED to get into second year. Some universities can and will stop you from passing assessments for lack of attendance.

The only think you can expect from the first year of uni is to never know what to expect. You’ll gain weight (VERY easily), you’ll find a new love for takeaways, and you’ll throw up in club toilets and spend the rest of the day nursing a hangover and an essay. But it WILL be the best year ever - whatever accommodation you get-so long as you don’t get paired to live with a dick. Good luck!

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